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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Actually, I couldn’t stand at all. Seven and a half months of near-weekly visits from delivery trucks dropping off the products you see strewn about the pages of RC Car Action had taken its toll, and after finally running out of walking space in the spare bedroom I’ve designated as the RC storage area in the house I decided it was time for spring cleaning.

The process seemed simple enough; disassemble the small skyscrapers (ceiling scrapers?) that were making the floor look like the San Francisco skyline, consolidate as many boxes as I could, and discard as much as possible. I saved plenty of packing materials, of course, but everything else had to go. I grabbed a pair of scissors to cut the tape holding the boxes together and started hacking away.


When I freed the contents of a box from its cardboard captivity I simply tossed the box into the hallway. I started stacking the kits as I went, and it didn’t take long before I could see the carpet again. Everything seemed like it was going swimmingly until I realized that I had barricaded myself into the room by completely blocking off the doorway, and had to start breaking down the boxes in order to get out.


I’m not sure that my organizational tactics would pass an earthquake inspection (though the towers didn’t topple over during the shakers we’ve experienced this week), but it’s actually possible to move to all four corners of the room now. It has become a habit for me throughout the years to occasionally go through my RC gear and determine what I need to keep, what I can do without, and how to best keep everything organized. When you’re getting a few new kits a month, however, the process has to be repeated a lot more often.

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Updated: March 13, 2013 — 3:56 AM


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  1. I wish I had all those great free products

  2. Andy, “lucky” isn’t even the half of it. I can’t explain how much fun it is to test new products every month. I just need to learn how to keep my workroom cleaned up. 🙂

    1. What you don’t want send my way I’l pay for the shiping

  3. wow I feel bad for you, yeah rite! You guys are soooo lucky getting all this free gear! Just kidding Im
    envious !

  4. Hey man E mail me at and il take your junk

  5. I appreciate the offers to help out! Haha. Once the kits are reviewed for the magazine we keep them around for how-to’s, videos, and other features – I simply needed to do a better job of keeping myself organized. At first it wasn’t a problem, but man…did it get out of control in a hurry.

  6. one man’s junk is anothers treasure. I’m sure that those of us less fortunate would be more than happy to pay a “used” price for those extras–just trying to help a brother out 🙂

  7. I can keep some cars in my place if you need more space.

  8. Just go ahead and send the extras my way!!!

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