Spotted: Pro-Line’s Pro-2 Performance Chassis Conversion For The Traxxas Slash

Spotted: Pro-Line’s Pro-2 Performance Chassis Conversion For The Traxxas Slash

At my last local club race I spotted this Traxxas 2WD Slash using Pro-Line’s new chassis conversion kit. The kit hasn’t been officially released yet, but Pro-Line has been running a prototype version of this new LCG Chassis at a few races now including the recent 2012 ROAR Electric Off-Road Supernationals. This Slash was also using Pro-Line’s Performance Transmission, ProTrac suspension kit, Power Stroke shocks and was only a front body mount away from hitting the track for the 1st time.  Once it did it looked fast and was definitely more planted on the track that a stock 2WD Traxxas Slash.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:05 PM


  1. Being a slash owner I am tempted to buy this, but I would be much more cost effective to sell the ole’ workhorse and buy a 2wd buggy…er I mean race ready SCT. I race my slash and enjoy it but if you bought all the PL parts you would spend a ton more than buying an SC10 or blitz…(the 22 SCT is expensive as well).

    And I tend to agree, I think it would have been wise on PL’s part to just use all their 2wd SCT parts and release the very first Pro-Line vehicle, which would have made huge news. Although maybe they have a deal with traxxas or don’t want to get into marketing, packaging, and selling a complete vehicle.

  2. I need this chassis for my Rustler. I’ve busted every stock replacement chassis I have bought and my new Integy chassis is mostly fiberglass and is already taking damage. So my question is the same as Brett T’s. When will the pro 2 chassis be available and at what cost?

  3. i want one.

  4. any rumor on when it will be released?
    any idea how much it will cost?

  5. @ dannydietze Here are the remaining Traxxas Parts on this particular truck:

    Front Bulk Head
    Caster Blocks
    Steering Block
    Front Axles
    Hexs F/R
    Rod Ends
    Rear axles and driveshafts

    This truck was also using PL’s discontinued front Slash bumper.

  6. +1 Joshua

    $$ spent on parts could buy a RTR race truck!

  7. My who point was STOP copying other companies Proline, TLR is doing fine without your flattery…. My point was just stated as above ^ “It looks like a great racer but what parts are still traxxas?”

  8. It looks like a great racer but what parts are still traxxas?

  9. Why do people have to be such terds about a new product coming out

  10. The Slash wasn’t designed to be a racer, instead it was designed to look scale and survive a beating from folks just getting into RC. So I “think” the idea here is that since so many Slashes are already out on the market, if a Slash owner wants to get more serious they can opt to buy these performance parts and become more competitive.

  11. What’s the point of all this junk….. Why don’t they just go ahead and make their own truck! You can throw $ into a pinto and at the end of the day it’s still a pinto….

    1. Guaranteed a great driver running a bone stock Slash could keep up with any average racer driving a top of the line truck. The Slash isn’t a ford ranger going up against a stadium super truck. The slash can keep up and I have vids to prove it. So go back into your hole you troll.

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