Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference

I wanted to start my first post for 2012 a little different.
“I want to play a game.”
No, not that one. The “Spot The Difference” game.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Spot The Difference

Here is picture of my Tamiya High-Lift Hilux. The picture on the top is the normal one, and the one on the bottom is the one “MISSING” components or aspects in the photo. Do you think you know the Hilux well or have a good attention to detail????

There are (10)”MISSING” components to look for.

and…. GO!!!!!

Results will be posted next Friday February 3, 2012.

Keep posted to see if you get it right!

Winner gets bragging rights….. for now. Let’s see how much fun you guys can have with this.


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Updated: January 26, 2012 — 11:24 PM


  1. I got 10 :>

  2. The Front Stabilization shock is missing in the bottom picture.

  3. 1. T from Toyota on the windshield
    2. passenger wiper
    3. silver below wiper
    4. door handle
    5. badge on front fender
    6. passenger front shock
    7. passenger front bumper screw
    8. driver front lug
    9. passenger light bar mount
    10. driver roll bar support

  4. also the back roll bar, and a screw on the front wheel. thats about all i can find

  5. the t in toyota, the front right shock, the handle on the driver side door, a hole in the bottom part of the front bumper. pretty sure thats it. what do i win? lol

  6. Here’s what I noticed this morning

    1) “T” from the windshield
    2) Passenger side wiper blade
    3) one of the screws in front below the bumper
    4) front passenger side shock
    5) drivers door handle
    6) support bar from the roll bar
    7) lug nut from right front wheel
    8) Hilux emblem from the fender
    9) the clamp holding the light bar to the roll bar
    10) the mounting nut in the middle of the hood

  7. Right front shock
    RB-9 sing on the back ground
    Right side bracket from ligth bar
    Left side roll bar tube
    T from windshield
    Rigth wiper blade
    Door handle
    Front fender emblem
    Licence plate hole
    Left front wheel stud

  8. Oh, and some door handles missing..

  9. The letter “T” some red shocks and a bar in the roll bar…

    The real question is:

    Is RC dying….

    My response is: Yes

    VERY very sad, but true, RIP RccA

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