Spektrum Smart S2200 G2 Charger

Spektrum Smart S2200 G2 Charger


Spektrum’s S2200 G2 Smart Charger provides a simple solution to charging your Spektrum Smart batteries. Part of the Spektrum G2 ecosystem, the S2200 can charge any Spektrum G2 lithium battery pack with an IC3 or IC5 connector. The S2200 charges up to 2 packs at up to 200W per channel, or a single pack at up to 380W on a single channel.

Spektrum G2 batteries use a single IC plug for both charging and balancing, so you no longer need to worry about a separate balance cable. The S2200 features an innovative Auto Charge mode that recognizes your Spektrum G2 batteries once plugged into the charger. All settings are automatically applied, from voltage to chemistry and charge rate, and the charger safely begins the charging process. Cell balancing is made easy as the S2200 will automatically balance the battery cells through the single Smart IC connector.

Additionally, the S2200 features Spektrum’s Smart software that keeps track of charger and battery cycle history. This history feature is a great tool for assessing the life of your batteries, allowing you to pick out the freshest packs and when batteries may need to be replaced. The S2200 includes a balance port for non-Smart batteries and will charge any LiPo, Li-Ion, or LiFe pack with an IC connector, or proper adapter. The S2200 features a 2.8” color LCD display along with an improved, streamlined menu system that is both intuitive and easy to navigate.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Spektrum Smart S2200 G2 Charger

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Spektrum Smart S2200 G2 Charger

The IC3 and IC5 output ports feature a sliding cover that locks into place over the unused port, further simplifying the charger process. The S2200 is encased in a heavy-duty plastic housing, with rubber grip pads on the sides for easy handling and rubber strips on the bottom of the case to keep the charger from sliding around. A USB output port is located on the side of the charger for charging external devices and a USB input sits beside it for future firmware updates. A dedicated On/Off switch is located on the backside adding that extra bit of safety, rather than having to unplug the charger when you want to turn it off.


The S2200 G2 is a great option for anyone who might find LiPo chargers and batteries to be really daunting. Charging LiPo batteries can sometimes be a huge chore, and quite honestly as much as I may be into the ins and outs of LiPo chargers and tech, it’s sometimes best to just have a charger that lets me charge my packs without having to really think much about it. The G2 ecosystem makes using LiPo batteries super easy, and thanks to Spektrum’s Smart battery lineup it’s the easiest it’s ever been.

From the first use, I simply needed to plug in my Spektrum G2 battery and the charger did the rest of the work. Thanks to the S2200’s Auto Charge function, it automatically recognizes the capacity and voltage of the pack and sets all charge parameters accordingly. Within a matter of seconds, the charger started its balance charge cycle, without any need for me to input settings. Sure, plenty of chargers store battery profiles, but even that function can be tedious when having to cycle through multiple selections to find the right one.

Truth be told, I tend to just manually plug in settings every time, so having this Auto Charge function frees up worry and time when it comes to charging my Spektrum G2 packs. I also like that the S2200 can charge other lithium packs with IC connectors, or an adapter. The S2200 outputs enough power to charge all my packs, and is compatible with LiPo, Li-Ion, and LiFe chemistries so I only need to pack one charger for the day if I’m taking multiple style batteries with me. The USB port on the side is icing on the cake and had become one of my favorite features as it allows me to charge my phone and other devices while I’m out at the track.

I found the menu system to be very easy to navigate, with all options clearly labeled and nothing hidden deep within sub-menus. In the case of needing to settings manually, the charger keeps all of the most important settings at the top of the menu so it’s quick and easy to adjust. Further down the menu system you can find Spektrum’s Smart software options where you can access the history of both the charger and the G2 battery connected to it. I like that the Smart software allows me to see the amount of charge cycles the charger has performed, both daily and total in the charger’s lifetime.

Additionally, Spektrum includes a Self-Test function that cycles through all the charger’s equipment and functionality, from the onboard cooling fan to the internal circuitry. This is a great function to have for a charger that will see heavy use. This Self-Test function along with the USB input port for firmware updates are clear indicators that the S2200 is meant to give users years of reliable service.

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Updated: November 4, 2021 — 9:57 AM
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