Spektrum S150 Smart Charger

Spektrum S150 Smart Charger


The Spektrum S150 Smart Charger is a simple, compact smart battery charger for use with Spektrum and other compatible RC batteries. The S150 features a one-button interface and easy-to-read LCD charge indicator that makes the charging process extremely simple and easy to follow. By simply plugging the battery into the built-in IC3 connector port, the S150 recognizes the battery chemistry and starts the charging process. The S150 can charge 2S to 4S LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, and LiIon packs 300mAh and larger, both with and without Spektrum’s Smart technology, along with 2- to 12-cell NiMH Spektrum Smart battery packs. A built-in balance port sits alongside the IC3 connector port for use with non-smart lithium batteries. The charger can provide up to 50 watts or 5A of charge output power and works with either a 20V DC power supply or standard 110V AC power with the included AC adapter. Although simple in design, the S150 features future proof firmware update capability thanks to the built-in smart port on the backside of the charger.


When it comes to compact chargers, the smaller and simpler, the better. Spektrum’s S150 ticks the portability boxes, measuring in at a very compact 2.5 inches long by 1.9 inches wide, and only a bit over 1 inch tall, making it easily pocketable and a no-brainer to fit into a tool bag or pit box. Even with the included AC adapter, which takes up more space than the charger itself, little room is needed to fit this charger into your toolbox or bag of choice.

As far as the charging process is concerned, the S150 is so easy to use we were left wondering why we didn’t already own one. This charger makes it so simple to hook up a battery and start the charge process, it’s almost impossible not to see this being useful in every RC enthusiast’s collection. Though the S150 isn’t quite up to the task of cycling race batteries or charging anything beyond a 4S LiPo pack, it makes quick work of topping off the usual 5000mAh packs we tend to use in our bashers and monster trucks.

Almost immediately after plugging in a Spektrum Smart battery pack, the S150 gets to work on starting the charging process. The LCD charge indicator on the face of the charger is crystal-clear and easy to read, noting the level of the battery’s charge along with the chemistry of the pack. Stopping the charge process is as easy as starting it, only requiring one press of the single front button. Though the built-in balance port is not necessary with Spektrum Smart batteries, it’s a welcomed feature as it makes charging non-smart batteries possible, further expanding this little charger’s capabilities. The built-in IC3 port is great for smaller batteries in Spektrum’s lineup, and an optional IC3 to IC5 adapter is all that is needed for charging larger packs. Though Spektrum does not mention use with other brands of batteries, the S150 is more than capable of charging LiPo and other lithium packs from many other brands with a proper IC3 to connector-of-choice adapter.

The simplicity and portability of the S150 charger makes it a great choice for RC enthusiasts from all levels of expertise. Seeing as it fits just about anywhere in our personal pit box, it will surely always have a home there, coming in handy for charging many different types of battery packs whenever needed. We can easily see the S150 charger being of use for more experienced hobbyists to charge general-use packs for bashers and crawlers, rechargeable packs for radios, and receiver packs for nitro cars, along with being an excellent choice for just about every beginner in the hobby, with or without Spektrum’s Smart batteries. If you are shopping around for a smart battery charger for a beginning enthusiast or looking for an extra charger for a more experienced RC hobbyist, then look no further than Spektrum’s S150 Smart Battery Charger. You won’t be disappointed.

Spektrum S150 Smart Charger
P/N: SPMXC1070
MSRP: $34.99

Spektrum S150 Smart Charger

Spektrum S150 Smart Charger

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