SPEKTRUM FIRMA BRUSHED MOTORS – High-quality, low-cost Motors for your Crawler

SPEKTRUM FIRMA BRUSHED MOTORS – High-quality, low-cost Motors for your Crawler

If you need a new crawler motor, you better be ready to smash that piggy bank, right? Well, not so fast (pun intended). Brushless motors have quickly gone from new technology to being the standard, even in crawling. And while most ready-to-run vehicles still come with tried-and-true (and inexpensive) brushed motors, almost everyone instinctively looks to go brushless when upgrading. But just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should too. (I’m sure you’ve heard that before.) The point here is: When it comes to crawlers, don’t sleep on brushed motors. Recognizing brushed motors still hold some noteworthy advantages, Spektrum has made sure to offer a high-quality lineup worth checking out.

FIRMA 550 3-Pole
Think of a 550 motor as the RC equivalent of the big block. 550s, which are longer than 540s, make more power and specifically more torque. Set at zero from the factory, the timing is easily adjusted on these motors, or dial in up to 20 degrees for more wheel speed. Leave it at zero for less brush wear and battery drain, and matched performance in forward and reverse. The high-quality open endbell features built-in capacitors to reduce interference and color-coded heat sinks for cool running. The pre-soldered power leads feature standard-sized bullet plugs for easy installation. The motor spins on rubber-sealed ball bearings.

As the name indicates, the rotor is a 3-pole design. It’s offered in 35-, 14- and 12-turn configurations. The top choice for crawlers will often be the 35-turn version, but if you want wheel speed, try the 14-turn. If you’re looking to bounce over rocks, the 12-turn might be the ticket. Spektrum rates these motors for 2S LiPos.

35-turn - SPMXSM6353

35-turn – SPMXSM6353

14-turn - SPMXSM6143

14-turn – SPMXSM6143

12-turn - SPMXSM6123

12-turn – SPMXSM6123

5-pole motors are well known as torque producers, which makes them perfect for crawler applications. Spektrum makes sure you have options with 16- and 20-turn versions. Because the 5-pole design makes more torque, you can get away with those lower turns without sacrificing torque for RPM. Speed and torque? Yup, if you’re looking for a best-of-both-worlds 540-sized brushed motor, the Spektrum Firma 5-Pole might be the hot setup.

Rubber sealed ball bearings make sure this motor can survive the elements and last a long time. It is also fully rebuildable and features adjustable timing. Spektrum recommends sticking to 2S for a battery with the 5-pole offerings. The motor leads are pre-soldered and capacitors are integrated into the endbell design.

16-turn - SPMXSM5165

16-turn – SPMXSM5165

20-turn - SPMXSM5205

20-turn – SPMXSM5205

The perfect no-fuss, no-muss RTR upgrade crawler motor. This Spektrum Firma 3-Pole brushed motor lineup is specifically designed for crawlers. Fully rebuildable and with adjustable timing, these are offered in 15-, 35-, 55- and 80-turn models. 55-turn motors used to be the undisputed standard turn choice for crawlers. As crawling-specific drivetrains started being offered, drivers started experimenting with lower-turn motors. Regardless of your preference, you’re covered here. If you want to kick up some dirt down the trail or blast up a hill, go with the 15-turn. Building an off-road tow truck? There’s the torque-monster 80-turn. For everyone else, there are the 35- and 55-turn versions in the middle.

These 540-sized motors feature adjustable timing, a rebuildable design, heat sinks, built-in capacitors and rubber-sealed ball bearings. The brushes are pre-shaped so there’s no break-in required and the motor leads are pre-soldered. If you want to run 3S, go with the 55- or 80-turn version. It’s recommended to stick to 2S on 35- and 15-turn motors.

80-turn - SPMXSM5803

80-turn – SPMXSM5803

55-turn - SPMXSM5553

55-turn – SPMXSM5553

35-turn - SPMXSM5353

35-turn – SPMXSM5353

15-turn - SPMXSM5153

15-turn – SPMXSM5153

Combos aren’t just for fast food. Spektrum offers its 35- and 15-turn 3-Pole crawler motors paired with Spektrum Firma 70A brushed speed controls. At only $77.99, these combos make it easy on you and your wallet to install an entirely new power system. The ESC is waterproof and features two LED light outputs—with two sets of LED lights included. The ESC also incorporates Spektrum’s Smart technology and an adjustable BEC rated at 6V or 7.4V and 4 amps. The Smart technology makes it foolproof, full function and downright easy. When you start matching a Smart ESC with a Smart battery and a Smart transmitter, you really start unleashing the power of modern RC. And speaking of easy, Spektrum’s optional Firma ESC Programming Box makes dialing in this speed control a breeze.

35-turn ESC and Motor Combo - SPMXSEMC12

35-turn ESC and Motor Combo – SPMXSEMC12

15-turn ESC and Motor Combo - SPMXSEMC10

15-turn ESC and Motor Combo – SPMXSEMC10

Text by Matt Higgins
Images courtesy of Spektrum

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