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Son-Uva Digger NEW from Traxxas!

Son-Uva Digger NEW from Traxxas!

Son-Uva Digger is the latest truck to explode into the lineup for the Traxxas Monster Jam Series RC trucks. The junior Digger features an all new body with decals to match Ryan Anderson’s full size car crusher along with blue plastic bumpers and accent parts to match. There’s also an optional body with working headlights pre-installed from the factory and the best part is, since it’s based on the same truck as all of the 1/10 Monster Jam trucks, Traxxas has a truck load of option parts for it! Check out our exclusive First Look video as well as the November issue of RC Car Action for a full Test Drive.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:04 PM
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  1. Hey I have a question:
    What other Monster Jam Replicas will alllow this body to fit onto?

    1. They all use the same body mounts set to different heights so any of the ones Traxxas has available will fit!

  2. I`m interested in purchasing a Traxxas Son of a Digger.From my local hobby shop. Do I need to go to Radio Shack to get some rechargable batteries? Is this truck easy to get started as long as you need to read the instructions? What are those spare parts for? Do I need to put rechargable batteries in the remote control? Please reply thanks.

    1. Hi James. The truck comes with everything you’ll need to run including the rechargeable NIMH battery pack. The ONLY thing you’ll need that doesn’t come in the box is AA batteries for the transmitter. You don’t HAVE to buy rechargeable batteries for the transmitter but they are nice to have if you have the extra money; otherwise, regular AA’s do just fine. Not sure which spare parts you’re referring to but I’ll say that the truck also comes with a bag full of clips to change the ride height on the shocks and some hand tools for the wheel and other various nuts as well as a wrench to adjust the linkages. Hope that helps, enjoy your truck!

  3. I have mine on order, I had a 2wd slash but it didn’t off road like I thought it would. This truck is sweet and son ova digger is my favorite monster jam truck! So I’m sure I will be pleased, I’m putting a velineon system on it once I get use to it. I will comment on how it performs after I run it. Thanks car action for the helpful hints!

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