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Some things just make me crazy

Some things just make me crazy

Well all have pet peeves and different levels of them. A lot of us spend time at the track and see lots of things that just aren’t right. I go to the track every chance I get to run some laps with my RC cars and trucks and have and have a good time while doing it. But every time I go to the track there’s always something going on there that makes me ask myself why. Here are just some of the thinks that make me crazy when I see them at the track. Do you have any to add to the list?

 Starter box guy

There’s no need to run your nitro car on the starter box all day. You have to tune it on the track, not on your box. As much as I love nitro I don’t like to hear an engine running all day.

Yelling at the turn marshal guy

You put yourself there, so don’t get mad at the turn marshal when he doesn’t get to your vehicle as fast as you think he should.

The guy who won’t move out of the way

If you’re slower than the other guys on the track move over so they can get by. You may catch them and even pass them in a lap or two when they crash.

 The guy who runs his car or truck while standing on the track.

Uh… yeah, you block the track for the rest of the guys who are using the driver’s stand and make it harder to get around the track. And you may even get hit because of it.

The guy who complains about everything

There’s one at every track. Things are never run the way he wants them to be run. Well, you can leave. It’s not a world championship and we’re not winning a million dollars to win at the local race track. Take it easy!

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Updated: May 23, 2011 — 10:47 AM


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  1. What about the guy who doesn’t paint his body? It’s easy to lay down a one color paint job these days.

  2. I will be willing to bet , the people that don’t turn marshal either did not realize they needit to take a turn or they are snobs , not all snobs neglect their duties but people who purposely neglect their turn marshal duties are snobs who have a sense of entitlement and superiority because they raced longer or have the latest and greatest equipment . They look down on people with fishing pole radios and nimh batterys .R.C. snobs should try being better R.C. sterards by encauraging anyone with a to enjoy the race track no matter how cheap or outdated their equipment is becouse the more people that go to the track ,the less chance the track will will close and I bet the people with fishing poles and nimh’s are having just as much fun as everyone else , probably more then the snob who’s latest and greatest did not win him the race . If you can’t have fun and be happy without the newest equipment you probably never will . Go to the track , have fun , & don’t worry be happy !

    1. Good points, Bill. It is all just about having fun.

  3. Agreed on people who din’t marshall, its a huge problem at my track. This may seem silly, but I have a small problem with people who put on every sticker but the numbers or put numbers on their truck in an unrealistic or silly way.

  4. Chris (you know who you are), watching you crash every 50ft drives me crazy. I feel sorry for your rc cars.

  5. It sounds like some of the people that bother you , know not what they do . You should try to guide them in a kind and respecful manner in the right direction . they should appreciate the guidance , if thay don’t atleast you tried to help educate them . You can be a doer , You can accept it , or You can whine about it . What do you do? some people are butt-holes but most are just ignorant and need a kind and helpfull person to educate them .

    1. I would to see Kevin–how did you say it?–guide them in a kind and respectful manner in the right direction. Man, I just cracked up.

  6. How about the guy who burns a rare and valuable RC truck? Man, do I just hate that guy.

    1. Or the guy who blends them: I hate that guy. Every time I see that video, I feel a pain coming from the center of my heart… Snif…

  7. My biggest pev, would have to be the guys who fail to attend their marshalling duties. Straight after their race, they just walk off and for whatever reason, fail to fulfil their responsibility as a racer. This behaviour just astounds me. Nearly every clud day I will see 10 drivers on stand, then next race, 7 marshalls. :-/

  8. How about the guy you lend a tool to..and you have to chase him to ask if he is done with it..and he says, Oh, Yeah..thanks….

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