So what is the best day to race?

So what is the best day to race?

There are a lot of tracks around the country and a lot have racing on Saturday or Sunday and some offer racing during the week. For me the best day to race has always been Saturday. It’s simply the best day to race for many reasons. You have plenty of time on Friday night to get ready by packing your gear and making sure your race vehicle is setup so you can get to the track on Saturday and put it down to get the most practice possible. The time you spend actually racing isn’t all that different no matter what day that you’re racing. It’s the time after that is the problem. If you’re racing on a Saturday, it doesn’t matter how late you get done. There’s no reason to stress about getting home because you have all day Sunday to recover. I just don’t understand racing at night during the week. You have a hard day at work and have to rush to eat and get to the track on time with all your gear. Sometimes you don’t even get a chance to eat. Then, if it’s a long night you get home late and have a rough time the next day at work. The same goes for Sunday; well sort of. You have plenty of time to get ready and to the track but it’s after the race where your problem comes in. You get home late and that makes getting up for work the next day a tough one. What is your favorite day to race?

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Updated: July 22, 2011 — 11:03 AM


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  1. Summer break, anyday!. School time, open class friday races are the best. No pressure and its all for fun and laughs

  2. My local track has races every other Sunday. It works great, but if I party Saturday night, I have a tough time getting up early enough. I’d much prefer to race Saturday Nights under lights. Party and Race all at once!

  3. I’m a Saturday Racer, Love Saturday in the middle of the day or Late Saturday night under the lights, Sundays prefer to stay home

  4. For those of us with kids who have soccer or ball hockey or other interests on the weekend there is simply no way to go race regularly on a Saturday or Sunday.

    I much prefer racing on a weeknight. Thursday or Friday nights are great as they are near the end of the week.

    Also the club races on a weekend tend to go much longer than they need to. I barely see my wife and kids as it is during the week so the weekends are for them.

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