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Sneak Peek: Axial’s New Crawler

Sneak Peek: Axial’s New Crawler

What is known at this time is that Axial has a new crawler in the works. A single image of a new rock crawler was leaked after a preproduction model was seen at the full-size off-road race known as the King of the Hammers. The King of the Hammers is a truly unique race that combines high speed desert racing with extreme rock crawling. This has naturally led to speculation that this new vehicle is designed for that sort of action–racing and crawling.  From what we can tell, this vehicle has a molded plastic cage and a new chassis. The axles may also be new. As we learn more from Axial, we’ll be sure to pass the info on to you. It’s worth noting that it appears that the following companies are somehow involved in this project: TJM, Griffin Radiator, Poison Spider, Corbeau and RDC.

axial crawler, axial, official image, photo 2, rcca, radio control, rc car action

The Official Image


axial crawler, axial, sneak peek, spy shot, photo 3, rcca, radio control, rc car action

The spy shot

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 5:20 PM
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  1. I think i’m getting my frist Axial truck , Love it !

  2. I need one! Finally something new from Axial, and it looks great!

    1. The Axal XR10 is still very much new. I have one and can tell you that it is impressive. I also plan to do something completely unique with mine.

  3. the links kinda look like xr10 links a least the upper ones..but its def not an MOA almost looks like an SCX10 and XR10 fusion with a new body


  5. I hope thay offer a kit and not just RTR .

  6. Ohh I want one. Is it big enough for a Barbie sized doll?

  7. this looks like one of the poisen spider jeeps like an exact scale version verey cool but i bet its an ax10 underneth ill buy one for sure

  8. Wow .. if Axial produce and sell this, it’s surely gonna be in my next shopping list 🙂

  9. is this a rock racer.???…this is what i told you guy to make a year ago…. where my check….

  10. Don’t listen to DR0. he knows nothing. this truck is amazing.

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