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Show Off Your Shop!

Show Off Your Shop!

How Much Do You Bench? Three-fifty? No one cares. We’re talking about the RC bench, where most of us also put on weight, but it’s, uh, not muscle. We invited you to share your workspaces with us on Facebook, and you showed off some inspiring lairs. Check ’em out…

Feel the Rath
Would you believe Jesse Rathburn has only been into the hobby for a month? Well, you must be pretty gullible then because we totally made that up. This dude is living the life! Love it.


Bless This Mess
“Reward for biggest mess?” asks Adam Ghiglia. Why, yes, you win the inability to find that 3x8mm screw you just put down. Congratulations!


Corner Office
Ya boy Ryan Rytek Cozart (cool name) has a neat nook to wrench in (sponsored by Traxxas, apparently) plus a dedicated 3D-printing and charging station. Nice!


That’s Neat (Literally)
The neatness, holy cow. Johnny Burdon’s bench is also a scale garage, which is great for when you want to feel like a 60-foot tall mechanic.


Open-Plan Workshop
Ah, the basement life. Rob Masci with the type of spread-out shop that we all dream of.


Savage Shop
“Pretty messy per usual,” says Brennan Savage of this luxurious cave. We’d still be pretty stoked to wrench there.


White Castle
Bright, white, neat, and tidy—Mick Saunders knows what’s up. Also, we are very jealous of all the vintage hotness he’s got stashed in there.


Coomb Room
Here’s where Vince Coombs does his RC thing. We see a bunch of Hot Wheels there, Vince. We can’t pass ‘em up either.


We’ll do shop show-offs like this on the regular. If you want to see yours in the mix, email your pics to rcca@airage.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Updated: January 3, 2019 — 3:22 PM

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