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Should I Buy Car X or Car Y?

Should I Buy Car X or Car Y?

I frequently read RC forums. One of the most common threads I see is, “Should I buy car X or Y?” Rarely do you get factual information on why one is better than the other. It typically sounds like used car salesmen are informing you.

Let me try and steer you in the right direction with two simple things to take into consideration.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for on-road or off-road, gas or electric, or bashing or racing. The first question you should ask yourself is, “can I get parts for it?” If your local hobby shop doesn’t carry the parts, you aren’t patient enough to wait days for replacements (I know I’m not), or wealthy enough to purchase a large stockpile of extras, there is no point in getting the car.

If you are a racer, you should take into consideration how much support you have at your track. If you need a part the shop doesn’t carry or just some help with setup, it is always nice to have a knowledgeable pro around. Racing is always more fun when your car is in one piece and working well.

Updated: December 28, 2011 — 1:25 AM

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