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Serpent Pro Shock Set For Spyder SRX/SDX

Serpent Pro Shock Set For Spyder SRX/SDX

From Serpent:

For the Serpent Spyder range of buggy cars ( 2wd and 4wd) we offer this optional Pro-type shock-set.

The Pro sets include hardcoated shockbodies, hardcoated shockcaps (emulsion/membrame), machined pistons 2-hole 1.3 dia, machined spacers, travel-limiters, pre-oiled x-rings and Tin coated shockshafts.

Nice sets in case you want to replace the standard shocks, or need an alternative shock-set with different setting ready to test.

Smoother and more durable. Fits Serpent Spyder cars and a number of other 1/10 buggies.


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Updated: December 15, 2016 — 11:22 AM
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