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Where Have We Seen the “Trail Radio” Idea Before?

Where Have We Seen the “Trail Radio” Idea Before?

We’re not going to say “we thought of that and Spektrum took our idea!” because A) anyone could have thought of the stuff we did and B) the whole idea of the post was “hey radio brands, please run with these ideas!”

That said, we are enjoying the notion that Spektrum’s new DX5 Rugged concept MAY HAVE been inspired by our “A Transmitter Just for Trail Trucks?” post from this time last year.

Not all of the features line up, and we’re still rooting for a flashlight, but the rugged housing, a trail-style wheel, wrist-strap (or belt loop) and thumb-steer capability are all in there. Cool radio–we want one!



Updated: December 18, 2018 — 11:38 AM
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