Schelle B6 Extreme Battery Strap And Shock Standoff Set

Schelle B6 Extreme Battery Strap And Shock Standoff Set

From Schelle Racing Innovations:

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The B6 Extreme Carbon Fiber Battery Strap was borne out of necessity. After many requests from racers, we made the newest incarnation of our highly popular B6 and B6D design. The Extreme battery strap exists for racers running the B6 laydown configuration on medium to low grip dirt. The low CG and fast cornering of the laydown is fantastic for racing, but many racers need more weight towards the rear for tracks that aren’t grooved up. The profile might remind you of an alien from Space Invaders, but every location you might want or need is included.

The pack is held in place by 3-d printed 7mm hex battery stops which are easy to install with a 7mm wheel wrench. Stainless steel screws are included, but racers can upgrade to aluminum or Ti to shave weight.

B6 Extreme Carbon Fiber Battery Strap Features:

  • Fits all 5 hole locations with B6 laydown and waterfall removed.
  • Fits 3 holes with plastic waterfall installed. Added location to run the battery against the plastic waterfall.
  • Center section with 3 option hole for chassis brace tie rod (use the hole closest to the battery mount location you’re running). Screw and nut included.
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber, Made in the USA.
  • Give visibility to “+” labels on most common LiPo packs so you don’t get your wires crossed.
  • Minimalist design gives more plug and wire clearance.
  • 7mm Hex Battery Stops included. Install with a 7mm wheel wrench!
  • Stainless Steel Hardware included.
  • Slotted design to fit several pack widths.
  • Comes with B6 Extreme Strap, Schelle Mini Decal, 4 7mm Stops, 4 Screws.
  • Fits B6. Also fits B6D stand-up but not required to use all battery locations.

Tuning note (tie-rod not included with strap):

The general driving feel you’ll have when switching from the plastic waterfall part to a chassis tie-rod is that you will have more rear grip and a less aggressive turn in. Mid corner to exit, the car tends to feel like the rear end rotates and follows the front end through the turn but usually without breaking traction. If your car is pushing on corner entry, we recommend keeping the plastic chassis brace, but if you want to take away some entry steering and trade it for some rear traction, the tie-rod brace is a great tuning option.

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Also available are the B6 Aluminum Shock Standoff Sets. Available in black or blue anodize, the B6 incarnation of the popular Schelle design uses a round profile, wide footprint base with replaceable Delrin pivot bushings. One package outfits the entire car with 2 short front and 2 tall rear standoffs.

B6 Aluminum Shock Standoff Set Features:

  • CNC machined and black OR blue anodized aluminum, these shock standoffs have a wide base to prevent shock mount screws from bending.
  • Rear standoff length edited for improved shock angle relative to the rear arm when running shocks forward in front of the tower.
  • Reduced end play of the shock cap.
  • The standoffs tighten using a 5.5 mm hex nut driver.
  • Shock caps pivot on a replaceable machined bushing which has a shoulder to prevent binding.
  • Package includes 2 short front, 2 long standoffs, 4 bushings.
  • Fits B6 and B6D.
  • SCH1076 is the part number for the 4-pack of replacement metric M3 pivot bushings that fit both B5M and B6 series shocks.

SCH1277 – B6 Extreme Carbon Battery Strap – $22.00
SCH1255 – B6 Shock Standoff Set, Black – $14.00
SCH1281 – B6 Shock Standoff Set, Blue – $14.00

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