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Schelle AE V2 Pistons & 8 Pair Tuning Set

Schelle AE V2 Pistons & 8 Pair Tuning Set

From Schelle Racing Innovations:

Schelle have 2 new piston pairs to release for use on the Associated B6 and B64 buggies. First is the 2 hole split 1.6 and 1.7, commonly used in 2wd front to gain more steering indoors. Also for the 2wd or 4wd rear, the 3×1.5 Bevel Piston is a perfect complement to 3×1.4 front pistons in bumpier conditions. These 2 new pistons plus our other 6 go-to sizes are included in the new Schelle Tuning Set of 8 pair screw-on type V2 pistons (fits B6, B6D, B64, B64D). The set also fits screw-on V2 shock shafts which are upgrades for B5, B5M, B5M Factory Lite, T5M, and SC5M.

The pistons are Precision CNC machined, and each pair comes in its own labeled Schelle mini snap case. Package includes piston tuning guide, bevel piston instructions, and Kurt “Coach” Wenger’s tips. The 8 pairs included are:

(1.6) = 2 x 1.6 Flat (1.7B) = 2 x 1.7 Bevel
(1.7) = 2 x 1.7 Flat (1.4B) = 3 x 1.4 Bevel
(1.4) = 3 x 1.4 Flat (1.5B) = 3 x 1.5 Bevel
(1.6B) = 2 x 1.6 Bevel (6-7Sp) = 1 x 1.6 and 1 x 1.7 Bevel

Bevel pistons have a 45 degree bevel edge on the bottom side which allows for quicker rebound damping. Lighter rebound damping (rebound= extension) means that the shock can more quickly respond after bumps in the track, keeping the tires from hopping

#SCH1296 – AE V2 12mm Piston, 1.6 and 1.7 Split, Bevel – $8.00
#SCH1365 – AE V2 12mm Piston, 3 x 1.5mm, Bevel – $8.00
#SCH1368 – Associated V2 12mm Piston Tuning Set, 8 pair – $45.00
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Schelle AE V2 Pistons & 8 Pair Tuning Set (1) Schelle AE V2 Pistons & 8 Pair Tuning Set (2) Schelle AE V2 Pistons & 8 Pair Tuning Set (3)

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Updated: May 1, 2017 — 10:26 PM
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