SCB – Short Course Buggy…. Will it stick ?

SCB – Short Course Buggy…. Will it stick ?

With the short course truck craze having consistent growth and momentum, the newer SCB – short course buggy class is becoming more and more popular before it gets off the ground. The way I look at it is, the SCT kinda replaced the 1/10th scale stadium truck. Now, with the SCB… it’s safe to assume it’s same “type” of feeling of replacement for the 1/10th scale buggies. Was this the “change” we needed for 1/10th scale??


With 1/8th scale having it’s place both in electric and nitro. The Nitro guys are getting gasoline technology in the new year for their current coveted nitro machines (so I have been told). Something had to happen for the 1/10th scale crowd. Since the SCT phase, it was only a matter of time before the SCB group came along. I say group, but I give my hat off to Team Losi for doing this one first. Traxxas may have the Slash to thank for the SCT, but now both Traxxas and the others will have to lay out the drawing board and come up with their own SCB.

Recent survey done said that: “The short course truck class is here to stay.”

Do you plan on getting into the SCB class with or without the current SCT guys??? When, not if.. Traxxas (personal preference) comes out with their SCB you can count me in. What about you??
Will SCB catch on like SCT did???

Tell us what YOU think.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:34 PM


  1. If they do take off I can see all the Tamiya buggies taking off again. If you remember, Tamiya had Baka style trucks long before the slash but they never took off. Hopefully scale R/Cs will take off again.

  2. Ok, Matt. What about a back to back comparison of both on next issue? I can not see a difference between them, except the name. Are they suposed to run in the same class or are we talking about two different classes?

    1. We can do a head-to-head and have discussed it, but we can’t pull it off in time for the next issue. Main difference in design: The Losi XXX-SCB has a narrow buggy chassis, the Kyosho DB does not. To answer the question about running in the same class, I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

  3. Kyosho has a SCB for years, why nobody says a word about it? But when Losi releases it this the next big thing….sorry but it is weird….

    1. It may be splitting hairs, but the Kyosho Ultima DB is a desert buggy, not a short course buggy. The DB was actually a little ahead of its time. I also don’t believe it was ignored by any means.

  4. I would love to see a traxxas scb. Also would like to see traxxas update/totally rethink the electric 4-tec and revive the 1/10th inroad scene. Why not a 1/10 version of their vxl rally cars?

  5. I think there’s too much history with the 1/10th scale buggies for the SCB to replace them. I’m still really anxious to see the performance and feel the handling of the SCB though.

  6. I can see the SCB replacing the ST in terms of looks & something new. It’s like when Axial introduced their AX10 to the crawling scene it took off from there & now the whole crawling scene has become more popular than ever before! With losi introducing their SCB I can see this thing taking off from here. I wonder which next manufacturer will come out with their own SCB?

  7. The buggy class is far different than ST. The fact that it a world wide class will make it nearly impossible to replace.

  8. If Traxxas makes an SCb, i’ll buy it, even though the losi one looks like a supermodel

  9. I knew Short Course was here to stay the moment I saw the Slash running on a race track. I would like to see the short course buggy take off as well, and it may…it seems to be gaining traction in Southern California as part of the “Pro-2” class. More manufacturers need to get on board with it though, for SCB to really take off.

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