Scale Overload

Scale Overload

Slow traffic in the passing lane, conversation crashers, Kevin Hetmanski burning a rare Bruiser, bad parking, referring to pets as children, loud cell phone talkers, empty food containers in the fridge, etc, etc. Pet peeves are a popular topic of discussion, and like you, I have my fair share of things that tweak me. One of my top (maybe even my #1) RC pet peeves involves one of my favorite segments in the hobby–scale rock crawlers. I enjoy scale rock crawlers for the same reason everyone else does–scale appeal. Scale appeal is a good thing, but many of  these homespun masterpieces often serve as proof that you can indeed have too much of a good thing. I’m specifically speaking of scale accessories. Here’s the deal: if you’re building a scale crawler for use in comps, be a minimalist. Skip the kayak, the propane tank, ladder, sleeping bag and all the other things you’d never see attached to a full-size competition crawler. Now, if you’re building a rig to use on trail runs, you can take a little more artistic license–but not too much more. Be reasonable. Less is more. A good number of the scale trucks I see look more like they’re being used to help a friend move than for hardcore off-road action. The bottom line, however, is that everyone is free to build the truck they want. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade (I know I just inspired you to search for a scale umbrella), but I do have a couple rules suggestions for the scale competition side of things. First, I suggest a “yard sale” penalty.  If you insist on having 20 or so miscellaneous items stuck in the bed of your truck, I suggest a serious penalty be issued when more than half of them litter the course on the first rollover. Next, set the maximum amount of points awarded for scale accessories low and don’t award points for items like potted plants. Yes, I have seen scale rules that award points for potted plants.

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Updated: June 18, 2015 — 3:14 PM


  1. I know you’re talking specifically to Crawlers, but I’m guilty of putting excess stuff on my short course Truck. I have a tire zip-tied to the back rear bumper that comes out of the rear of the truck bed. And now I’ve got that new pro-line driver interior for SC bodies on my wish list.
    I know there’s probably some kind of get-well group for me out there somewhere, but for now I’ll have to use the rule that if it flies off it stays off :).

  2. I totally agree and could not have said it better.

    Hmm… potted plants? Wow. To me that just seems tacky. LOL. But now if you’ve got the whole Beverly Hillbilly’s thing going on along with a scale “Grannie” in a rocking chair back there on top of all that other crap then I think we could maybe overlook it. LOL.

    1. I haven’t seen a scale Grannie in a rocking chair–yet! If you’re building a scale build, I’m all for the odd ball stuff, but if you’re in a scale comp and going over a course, the items have to be kept to a realistic minimum.

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