Traxxas ERevo RCCA 900x250
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  1. Nice to see someone finally brought out a nitro 2wd SC, It’s long overdue. I had a GT2, which this is based off and loved it. I wish it had come out sooner, while it will sell, Not as good as Stadium trucks of the past. With brushless being more mainstream and easier to live with in the long run, I just think this will be an also-ran in the grand scheme of things RC.

  2. It will be interesting to see if these trucks get a big enough following to start their own class in club races around the country.

  3. Although it’s only 2wd maybe it can be the start of the Nitro SC class. I’ve had my Slayer Pro 4×4 for over a year now and I feel like i’m on an island by myself. I’d go against a 2wd if it meant I got to race my Slayer!!

  4. I think this is the next boost for the SC trucks now that 4×4 has lost the “new truck smell”… I can’t wait to get them in stock.

  5. Like! I would like to see a 4×4 version, I have a Slayer, still in the box for over 5 months!

  6. I have the sc10gt an personally i love the truck. Got alot lf power an handles pretty good. I ran 1/8 buggy an truggys back in 05-10 an for my first rc truck since ive got back into rc i think was a great buy. Just blew the Motor though . Any input on a replacement?

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