Short Course Racing: ROAR States New Buggy Class Rules in the Works

Short Course Racing: ROAR States New Buggy Class Rules in the Works

With the introduction of the Kyosho Ultima DB, and now the Losi SCB, ROAR intends to release rules specific to the Short Course Buggy class. Similar in many ways to the Short Course truck rules, the new buggy rules will also include extra detail related to required body elements and construction, standard offset wheels, permitted accessories, cost controls, etc. The Short Course Buggy class is built using components similar to those used in the SC truck class, but the buggy style body adds an extra dimension of scale appearance, as well as unique performance due to its smaller body that doesn’t catch air on larger jumps. Manufacturers developing Short Course Buggies that would desire to be ROAR legal are encouraged to contact ROAR to discuss the specifics for the class. The rules are nearly complete, but will still require the approval of the ExCom before final publication.RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Short Course Racing: ROAR States New Buggy Class Rules in the Works

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 4:36 PM


  1. Modern 2WD and 4WD buggies look like spaceships on wheels. Bring these guys in!

    Then i can just use SC tires for all my cars 😀

  2. Yeah, for the scale appearance, 1/10 buggy is getting ridiculous with the awful cab forward designs and even the 22 stock appearance. Also please stop calling these 1/10 scale since they are way closer to 1/8th scale.

  3. Wow,

    Two Mfg.’s make a car that is so new that many have yet to see them in person and now a class just for them? I don’t get the direction ROAR is going here. I guess with the way the SC class took off, ROAR expects the SC Buggy class to do the same. I’ll give an A+ for being proactive and not reactive. Still the scale approach is a bit much. It’s like trying to close a door that’s been open for 25 years. Trying to use today’s Technology to maintain a ’70’s scale appearance is sort of an oxy moron.

  4. This is what diminishes racing. There are enough classes already! The more classes there are the more racing dies out and less people are in each class. RACE THESE WITH THE SHORT COURSE TRUCKS.

    1. I hear what you’re saying about too many classes, but these can’t be raced with the trucks. It simply isn’t fair. The buggies are faster–trust me. They can be run together and scored as differentent classses.

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