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ROAR Announces Body Appearance Standards For ROAR Nationals

ROAR Announces Body Appearance Standards For ROAR Nationals

Competing at a National Championship has always been a crowning achievement for many aspiring racers. ROAR National Championships have been some of the most competitive events in the history of RC and the “higher level of racing” has been a time-honored tradition that separates these competitions from all others. The Acronym “ROAR” stands for “Remotely Operated Auto Racing.” “Auto” is the operative word, which implies that we race some form of vehicle that loosely resembles that of full-scale vehicles. As such, ROAR will require that competitors entered in full-bodied classes (e.g. Touring, Short Course, Truck, On-road, etc.) run bodies that have at least a minimum level of headlight, grille and taillight decals or painted representations on all bodies where applicable. Bodies with no such details will not be permitted to compete.

Some may view this as an unnecessary distraction, but doing so presents our hobby and sport in a more organized and professional manner, and it only requires a very small effort on behalf of the racers. Please just make use of the decals included with the bodies that you’ll run on the track and help to present the RC community in a more positive manner. Then, when people who see high level competition for the first time, who might otherwise confuse these as blobs, might actually recognize these as cars and trucks.

***UPDATE*** Due to the fact that most 1/12-scale bodies and 1/10 Can-Am/LMP style bodies are not supplied with decals, the implementation of this requirement for just these classes will be postponed until the beginning of the 2011/2012 indoor racing season. All other classes at all the remaining events, however, will need to comply with this requirement.

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:36 PM


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  1. Added an update from ROAR on this rule for 1/12-scale bodies and 1/10 Can-Am/LMP style bodies.

  2. 90% of the people complaining about this probably don’t even attend ROAR sactioned events.
    ……….that because Roar rules kill the fun factor of racing…dont…DQ…that….

  3. Stickers?? no big deal.
    Question #1- if I run my SC10RS at this years nationals and the headlight decals have ( on them and the grill has an (AE) on them from the factory does that mean I have to run MOD since there are sponsers decals on my truck?????

    Question #2- Why is that in Roar you must have clear window on your car but is totally acceptable to put the large number stickers over them???

  4. Don’t forget, they want a grill, too. I agree with the recent points fully. If the point of the rule is for scale realism, then the bodies produced by the manufacturers should allow for such scale realism. Lets mandate that all bodies have the shape of the light be molded into the plastic for easy painting or sticker placement. Sure many SC bodies have a flat spot where the sticker goes but if it were lens shaped, then every r/c enthusiast willing to paint their own body will be more encouraged to incorporate the “needed” lights into their plan. Its easy to make a head or tail light disappear on the bodies of present.
    And if the idea of the stickers is to make it easy for a spectator to recognize what type of truck is being represented, lets remember what the spectators are there for. they are there to watch a race to see who wins, who crashes, who jumps the highest, etc. They are not looking at each car/truck trying to decide which one looks the most authentic.
    Isn’t the core of this whole hobby to have a great time? Its fun as hell to compete in a race where the cars are equally setup. But that setup is based on performance which means the driver’s skill is the difference. Last I knew, there isn’t a beauty contest following the events.

  5. Aaron,

    It’s ok to get off the “scale” band wagon. You don’t work for the “mag” any more.

    I can see where you are coming from, but it’s a bit much. The cars and trucks we run today are long since removed from anything scale.

    Show me a full scale offroad truck or buggy that has 22 inch racing wheels, a 5 gallon oil resivor in the shock body, and 3 to 4 inch diameter shock shafts? I have yet to see any of that on a full scale ride that is used for racing off road. Just saying.

    But if scale realism is what you like and prefer, then why not have working lights on the TC bodies? The fullscale cars have and use them and we do have light kits that are made for that for RC. Again just saying. There are planty more “scale” things that could be added in to keep a class “scale”, but at what point is it too much? Laugh if you want to, but I never thought I’d see that day where if you didn’t have a sticker or painted head and tail light, you couldn’t race a ROAR event (which is clearly the direction being chosen to go).

  6. This change has me scratching my head for sure,

    This would be the first time EVER, someone could get DQ’d for not having a sticker or paint in a particular place. Granted it might be only for a few races, but sure seems a bit petty. Have some people forgot that some full scale classes do not, I prepeat, do not run head and tail lights. Working or not. The SC class comes to mind here. Sure 20 years ago, you could still see where those items would have been, but with the new molded style body panels that the full scale SC racers use, they’re not there. So for ROAR to mandate the use of such items on a RC body seems a bit off the mark.

    In the TC class I can see the use if the stickers or painted in parts, but that’s usually more up to the racer running that class to do. I will usually use the stickers on the front, but have at times not used them with a paint scheme that I liked the look of better without them. Now, one could argue the fact of not being able to identify the type of car body used in the TC class, but that would be another topic all together.

    The part that was the kicker for me was the idea that the use of the head/tail lights (sticker or painted) would help new people know what was a car and what was a truck. Last I checked a three year old could figure that out. So why then does it seem to be so hard for people 3 decades or more older to know the same thing? I’m thinking most everyone already knows the difference between what a car and truck look like. The execption being those that thought up the change.

  7. I’m not going to complain, per say, because I don’t race ROAR style rules at the track I attend nor will we ever get that technical. But, I thought the rules were there to keep all racers on an even scale so one racer isn’t running a car with a bigger advantage than the next racer. So to say all racers need stickers on their cars is a little silly. Then again, that’s a rule I can stick to because most of my vehicles have these stickers so no biggie. But I do have a couple that do not have these stickers mostly due to the body not coming with them and I would be very frustrated if I couldn’t race merely because I didn’t buy a sticker sheet or a silver bottle of paint.
    And I also agree that at 600mph, its a bit hard to see, from the stands, if the driver flipped on his sticker lights or not!

  8. Where does the rule saying you have either painted or decals for headlights, taillights and grill constitute forced advertisement? It doesn’t say the grills and lights have to be shaped like “Car Company X’s”. No where.

    This will open up a new thing for the decal companies to make or let painters hone their skills and be creative with an all new design for each driver they paint for.

    Also for me, SCT brought me back to RC after nearly 20 years away. I wanted to drive and race something that looked exactly what I saw on the track. R/C Buggies and Stadium Trucks are not even close to their name sakes.

    I believe overall this is one simple rule change that will end up bringing hundreds, if not thousands, of new people into R/C because the touring car, short course truck or new short course buggy will look like what they either own or watch on tv.

  9. Good rule! Makes sense that RC cars that are (however loosely) based on full-size racers should have a reasonable resemblance.

  10. Completely stupid rule….has no effect other than forced advertisement. Might as well force everyone to only run blue bodies with ROAR stickers…..some people enjoy the OTHER aspect of RC…custom paint and individuality.

  11. ROAR could make a rules stating that tires have to be round and people would still piss and moan. It’s just stickers, folks. It’s not like they’re asking you to replace all of your gear. 90% of the people complaining about this probably don’t even attend ROAR sactioned events.

  12. I am happy to paint headlites and grills on all bodies for my clients.

  13. Oh my goodness – the major governing body for a hobby that’s supposed to be about racing small-scale model cars and trucks actually wants the cars and trucks…to look like, uh, cars and trucks?

    Great job, ROAR, I love it. This hobby will continue to grow as long as the cars look real!

  14. Cool. Simple enough to conform to the rules. I guess the could of banned all scale looking vehicle bodies.

  15. The SC10 body doesn’t come with with tail light decals and the headlights are simple blacked-out decals. Another fantastic decision by ROAR to make things more difficult for racers at the 2 races a year where it matters.

  16. ya because they look realistic doing a scale 600mph

  17. wow, useless rule. next are we gonna have to have radio operated car haulers to bring our trucks to the track

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