Review Of The Week: Max Amps MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack

Review Of The Week: Max Amps MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack

Words and Photos: Drew Trudeau

LiPo batteries have become increasingly popular in the hobby as they evolve and offer up more power and run time with increased safety standards. As you may also know LiPo batteries can be expensive as you tend to need a few on hand for different applications. Max Amps has put together an offering that is sure to tantalize with a battery system that allows you to select your own voltage by simply adding or subtracting cells to build your own custom packs. If you are looking for a versatile battery you will find a lot of reasons to check them.

Each of the four included lithium polymer cells is a 3.7v, 5450mAh capacity module that can be run in series for running your car and also in parallel for optimal charging conditions. Each module also features a durable hard plastic shell encased in shrink wrap and is 100% waterproof.

MaxAmps_5450 Battery_001

Assembling a battery pack and installing it into my vehicle was a simple enough task but it was critical that I followed the included directions making sure that each appropriate connector and lead is installed in the right order. Using the series connectors I plugged one module’s negative side to the positive of the second module and completed it with a lead connector to make a 2 cell pack. To add modules simply disconnect the lead, add another series connector and expand your pack as necessary. Velcro straps are also included for securing the cell modules into a stacked bundle. When it was time to charge the pack I followed the steps in reverse to take apart the battery and using the necessary parallel connectors followed the steps for charging. To avoid making any mistakes that might cause damage to a module I would definitely suggest checking out Max Amps instructional video on their website. It helped me get acquainted and feel comfortable with the packs before usage.

Max Amps is taking battery technology to the next level. With the ability and versatility to achieve your desired voltage using as many cells as you need you cannot go wrong. Even if one cell goes bad you just swap it out with another module eliminating the need to buy a whole new battery. Max Amps is giving you all the options with the new MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo pack.



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Updated: May 22, 2013 — 11:31 AM
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