Reunited With An Old Flame

Reunited With An Old Flame

The other day a friend/racing buddy/RC Car Action contributor was over my house and commented on how he was surprised that I didn’t have a big collection of all my favorite cars from throughout my years in RC. I explained that before I became a spoiled editor I had to sell the old to be able to get the new. My story is a common one, but I could tell my friend was disappointed that I had a messy garage full of an odd assortment of RC cars and trucks (most of which don’t work) as opposed to an impressive RC museum. Ironically, a few days after this conversion, a different friend and racing buddy called and we got to talking about the good old days. He mentioned that he still had an oval car I had sold him. Feeling a new found sense of nostalgia, I said he could name his price. His price wasn’t much of a price at all and I soon had one of my old flames in my hands. Check out these photos of said old car. I plan to not only restore it, but I plan to make it even better than ever and race it again. This seems to be a far better tribute to a “classic” than having it collect dust at my house instead of my friend’s. I have my work cut out for me. You see, this car is a bit of a Frankenstein. For example, it originally had a simple damper puck style rear suspension that I replaced with a fabricated tri-shock setup. The outer side shock mounts I believe I had made by cutting off the tops of a front shock tower from a Associated GT. I think I could do better now. The body will stay. It needs some fixing, but I’m still proud of how it came out. The lettering was all hand cut in liquid mask.

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Updated: June 15, 2015 — 9:04 AM
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