Reedy Stockstar and 19-turn Challenger Motors

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From Reedy:

Reedy is back and better than ever! The all new RM6 based Stockstar 27T Stock and Challenger 19T Spec motors have been designed and conceived in house by our team of dedicated engineers. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology, these all-new creations are poised to become the must-have motors for the hardcore racer.

Dyno and on-track testing reveal all-around performers. A dynamic balance between RPM and torque make both motors the perfect choice for 1/10 scale on and off-road racers and well as the dedicated 1/12 scale racer.

Competition beware, the Stockstar and Challenger are the first in a series of new power products designed to continue Reedy’s winning heritage.

Special Features:

  • Six-Sided Diamond Shaped Brushes are exclusive to the Stockstar and Challenger. The unique laydown design and orientation optimizes brush wrap around the commutator and creates a better firing pulse to the armature. Their diamond shape locks them in place inside the brush tube resulting in reduced vibration, increased RPM, and more power.
  • Extra Long Brush Tubes housed in an exclusive endbell increase brush support resulting in less vibration, maximum RPM, higher power output, and extended brush and commutator life. Silver plating reduces resistance and allows current flow through multiple paths
  • Silver Plated Brush Hoods reduce resistance and ensure easy soldering of ESC wires and brush shunts. Brushes with terminals can be screwed into the specific pre-tapped location
  • High Temperature Coil Brush Springs maintain the desired brush/commutator connection even under the most demanding loads. Spring retainers have been color coded for polarity and make brush and spring changes easier than ever
  • An Integrated Armature Cooling Fan (Stockstar only) intakes cool air into the motor while expelling hot air. Cooler=faster!
  • A Thin Wall Can optimizes the magnetic field to create maximum RPM, higher top speeds, and improved braking feel
  • FB9 Wet Magnets resist heat and fade, and have a long lifespan
  • Extra Large Can Cooling Vents prevent fade by lowering magnet and armature temperatures
  • Extra Large Endbell Cooling Vents allow maximum airflow around the brushes and commutator. Reduced commutator and brush temperatures ensure maximum power output from start to finish
  • Surface Mount Capacitors come pre-installed to reduce interference
  • Low Friction Bushings or High Speed Ball Bearings allow higher RPM and maximum power output
  • Meets ROAR Motor Specifications and is suitable for competition around the world
  • An Optimized Armature Stack is wound using pure copper wire and features low profile laminations that create balanced RPM and torque while maintaining linear throttle and braking feel

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Updated: December 9, 2010 — 1:54 PM
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