Redcat RDS Builders Kit

Redcat RDS Builders Kit

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From Redcat Racing:
Redcat releases their brand new RDS Competition Spec RWD Drift Car as a Builder’s Kit. The RDS builders kit requires assembly and does not include a body, motor, ESC, radio system, steering servo, gyro, battery or charger. The kit is intended for serious drifters who want to build a capable drift chassis that they can add all of their favorite electronics and 200mm body to. The RDS can be set up for three different battery sizes; a competition style 2S shorty LiPo pack, LCG 2S shorty pack, or a standard sized 2S stick pack.

Redcat engineered the RDS, from the ground up, for a specific purpose, to compete. The lead engineer on the project, Shane Mikula, is a seasoned drifter who owns and operates a competition drift track/hobby shop. Mikula’s track, named TandemRC, is one of the top drift tracks in the US. Mikula has been at the center of the drift scene for many years, getting direct feedback from fellow drifters. Through his own experience and others’, he’s definitely learned a thing or two about what competitive drifters are looking for in a competent car. Using this knowledge, the Redcat engineering team has developed a highly competitive rear wheel drive drift car that excels on surfaces which are found on many prepared RC drift tracks, such as carpet, p-tile, and polished concrete. The RDS car can also be setup for unpolished concrete and asphalt.

Competitive drifting is based on line, angle, and style. While competing, judges look for how close someone is to the ideal line and whether or not they are maintaining maximum angle throughout the run. Judges also want to see drivers move through the course quickly, consistently and with minimal corrections after they have committed to an angle. While this is mostly achieved by skill, it is absolutely necessary to have a quality drift car platform with predictable handling, so the driver knows what to expect. A competitive drift car must also be able to be tuned to each driver’s personal driving style as well as different track conditions. The RDS excels in this area with its lightweight carbon fiber based chassis, tight tolerances and complete adjustability. Everything on the RDS is adjustable including camber, caster, toe, Ackermann, roll center and center of gravity.

The motor plate can be mounted in three different positions, altering the car’s chassis roll and weight bias. This can be used to adjust the amount of traction and chassis roll the RDS has on different surfaces. The high mount rear motor location gives maximum rear weight and chassis roll, making it ideal for polished concrete and P-Tile. Having the motor almost directly over the rear axles allows for maximum traction without making the chassis too rear heavy. The mid-high motor location allows maximum roll, but moves the motor forward, in front of the rear axle. This provides slightly less traction in the rear of the car, while still maintaining chassis roll. The mid-low location minimizes chassis roll and gives the car a more balanced feel. This is perfect for high traction surfaces such as carpet or asphalt.

Being able to fine tune Ackermann is important in drifting as it directly affects corner speed. Having the Ackermann set correctly allows the car to maintain a perfect arc through the drift and also increases exit speed. With the right setting, the braking action of the chase wheel rotates the rear of the car around, setting the driver up for the next corner. Track size also plays a big part in the amount of positive Ackermann needed, so being able to fine tune Ackermann is an absolute must. Redcat has made it easy with multiple steering link positions and a special sliding Ackermann plate. The RDS also has many other adjustments including front and rear toe, font and rear camber, and front caster. The RDS is loaded with tuning capabilities and was designed for highly competitive drifters.

While the RDS kit is an advanced competition spec drift car, it is also a perfect choice for beginning drifters who want to build their own car. The RDS drift not only performs well, it is incredibly durable and affordable. In today’s market, it’s difficult to find quality vehicles with an affordable price tag. This is where Redcat excels. They understand that just because a car is of outstanding quality and highly competitive, it doesn’t need to be super expensive. Redcat takes pride in offering quality vehicles, of their own design, at an affordable price. The Gen8 is a perfect example of that and has proven to be a top contender in the trail crawler community.

Redcat is also releasing several how-to videos that include beginner drifting, advanced drift techniques, initial vehicle setup, basic to advanced chassis tuning and an explanation of how drift competitions work. These videos are full of Mikula’s shared knowledge of drifting to help drivers of any skill set become more confident and competitive with their RDS. Redcat also has downloadable setup sheets for the RDS. One of these sheets includes Redcat’s setup recommendations for drifting on P-Tile and polished concrete. This provides a good starting point that can be fine tuned to fit each driver’s needs. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, check out the all new RDS competition spec drift car from Redcat today.


RDS Kit: Unassembled kit.
Electronics: None
Radio: None
Chassis: Carbon Fiber Upper, Lower Deck, Shock Towers & Motor Mount
Drive System: 2-Wheel-Drive,
Transmission: Single-Speed with 3 Motor Positions For Adjusting CG & Weight Bias
Length: 445mm in stock setup
Wheelbase: 253mm – 261mm Adjustable. Stock setup is 257mm
Suspension: 4 Coil Over Shocks / Sliding Adjustable Ackermann
Wheels: 6-Spoke Rims with Scale Wheel Nut Covers
Tires: HDPE Drift Tires

Needed to complete:

Body: 200mm wide, 253-261mm wheelbase
Motor: Brushless Recommended
ESC: Brushless Recommended
Gyro: Drift Specific
Steering servo: Standard Size (high speed recommended)
Radio system
Battery: 2S LIPO (shorty pack recommended)
Charger: Compatible with Battery Choice

Available February, 2023
Price: $239.99
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RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Redcat RDS Builders Kit RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Redcat RDS Builders Kit RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Redcat RDS Builders Kit RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Redcat RDS Builders Kit RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Redcat RDS Builders Kit

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Redcat RDS Builders Kit

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