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RDRP Carbon Fiber Shock Towers For The AE B6

RDRP Carbon Fiber Shock Towers For The AE B6

rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-1 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-13 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-12

From Revolution Design Racing Products:

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced three carbon fiber shock towers for the Team Associated B6-series 2WD buggy. Available as straight or gull wing front A-arm setup and also as standard rear variant, all three are of a reinforced design to reduce breaking issues and to improve suspension efficiency. All parts are direct replacements for the standard AE towers with no setup changes needed when swapping parts over. The shock towers, made from high-quality carbon fiber, are available now.

#RDRP0270 B6 Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Tower Front (Flat Arm Type)
#RDRP0271 B6 Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Tower Front (Gull wing Arm Type)
#RDRP0272-B6 Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Tower Rear
RDRP is distributed in the US by AMain Hobbies.
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rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-14 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-11 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-10 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-9 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-15 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-8 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-7 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-6 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-5 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-4 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-3 rdrp-carbon-fiber-shock-towers-for-the-ae-b6-2

Updated: October 4, 2016 — 4:18 PM

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