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RDRP Carbon Fiber Battery Plate For The AE B6/B6D

RDRP Carbon Fiber Battery Plate For The AE B6/B6D

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From Revolution Design Racing Products:

Made for the Team Associated B6 series of buggies is the Carbon Fibre Battery Plate from RDRP. Its design matches the stock dimensions but the construction of carbon fibre and aluminium makes for a more dramatic appearance compared to the standard composite plastic part. The lightweight plate allows to shift the battery pack forth and back to fine-tune the weight bias of the buggy while also adding visual impact. The battery plate is usable with both the B6 and B6D and it supports all of the original battery layouts.

RDRP is distributed in the US by AMain Hobbies.
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Updated: September 23, 2016 — 10:09 AM

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