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RDRP B6 Brass Electronic Mounting Plate

RDRP B6 Brass Electronic Mounting Plate

From Revolution Design Racing Products:

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the Brass Electronic Mounting Plate for the Team Associated B6 buggy. It adds a total of 53g in the most central part of the chassis. The 2mm plate is 0.5mm thicker and 17g heavier than Team Associated’s own steel plate set and it is designed to be a drop fit for the chassis’ machined pocket behind the steering servo. Using it allows to easily remove the speed controller and receiver from the car for cleaning and maintenance purposes while also adding weight to the buggy when running lightweight LCG battery packs. On top of this the black and golden design improves visual impact and the chamfered golden edges make for a smoother chassis-to-plate transition for further improved looks and functionality. The mounting plate fits both the B6 and B6D and it comes including suitable mounting hardware.


RDRP is distributed in the US by AMain Hobbies.
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Updated: December 22, 2016 — 10:09 AM
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