Traxxas Shows Off New Products at RCX Chicago

Traxxas Shows Off New Products at RCX Chicago

Industry giant, Traxxas, unveiled two brand new products this saturday at RCX Chicago for all to see. First item being a 25c 7600mah 2-cell LiPo battery. Compared to a standard 4200+mah NiMh pack, you’ll not only get a huge increase in run time but performance as well. Notice the lack of a hardcase surrounding the battery pack? Traxxas did this for two reasons; being able to squeeze every little bit of capacity out of the pack while still being able to fit into the standard battery tray and the second is having the ability to gauge whether the pack is starting to swell or not for safety reasons.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Traxxas Shows Off New Products at RCX Chicago


The second hot item to be released is a brand new addition to Monster Jam edition with Captain’s Curse. The attention to detail is second to none when is comes to the body design and attention to detail in the graphics. Check your local hobby shop for release dates on this killer looking truck.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Traxxas Shows Off New Products at RCX Chicago


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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:34 PM


  1. And how about the Traxxas LiPo price, do you guys have any updates on that? How much?

  2. Great Marketing. But almost 300.00 bucks for a brushed 2×4 with an AM radio… Wowza people must really want those cheap thin licensed bodies from Traxxas. Love the Soft Packs Lipos that way when the VXL shorts out you can watch your battery puff up. More Awesome Innovative products form Traxxas. Keep up the Work

    1. I think the Monster Jam trucks are closer to $225.

      1. Sorry my hobby Store has them at 289.00 I Just checked yesterday my son wants GraveDigger. I told him we live in the city of BigFoot so no way. lol I guess they are pricing them high here. My Bad.

  3. Great highlights John. Always been a fan and driver of traxxas products. Liking the newer monster jam series trucks. Great marketing on their part.

  4. It’s pretty easy to tell when a hard case lipo swells too . . . . . .

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