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RC4WD Option Wheels and Tires for HPI Mini Trophy 1/12 4WD Desert Truck


New from RC4WD:

RC4WD is proud to announce that several wheels and tires that we offer fit the HPI Mini Trophy truck.

1.55 Wheels

OEM Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheels

Z-W0036 Black

Name:  OEM White.jpg
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Size:  74.4 KB

Z-W0035 White

1.9 Wheels

Name:  Tango Down.jpg
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Size:  68.0 KB

Tango Down Beadlock Z-W0038

Name:  Crisis.jpg
Views: 0
Size:  80.1 KB

Crisis Beadlock Z-W0048

Name:  Tarantula.jpg
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Size:  40.8 KB

Tarantula Beadlocks Z-W0051 1.55 Tires

Name:  Desert King.jpg
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Size:  64.4 KB

Name:  Desert King and OEM 1.55.jpg
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Size:  156.4 KB

Desert King Z-T0025

Name:  Mud Thrashers.jpg
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Size:  93.7 KB

Name:  Mud Thrashers and OEM 1.55 F.jpg
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Size:  140.9 KB

Mud Thrashers Thrashers 1.5

Name:  Rock Crushers.jpg
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Size:  103.6 KB

Rock Crushers Rcrusher1.55 1.9 Tires

Name:  Rock Creepers.jpg
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Size:  73.4 KB

Name:  Rock Creeper and Crisis 1.9.jpg
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Size:  145.1 KB

Name:  Rock Creepers and Crisis 1.9 R.jpg
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Size:  155.7 KB

Rock Creepers

Name:  Prowlers.jpg
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Size:  78.5 KB

Name:  Prowler and Crisis 1.9 F.jpg
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Size:  159.8 KB

Name:  Prowler and Crisis 1.9 R.jpg
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Size:  162.0 KB

Prowlers Name:  Dirt Grabbers.jpg
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Size:  88.1 KB

Name:  Dirt Grabber and Crisis 1.9 F.jpg
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Size:  136.7 KB

Name:  Dirt Grabber and Crisis 1.9 R.jpg
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Size:  152.2 KB

Dirt Grabbers

All prices vary. All options are available from RC4WD and our distributor TGN.  

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
Radio Control Car Action

Updated: October 27, 2010 — 12:16 PM
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