RC To Do/Wish List

RC To Do/Wish List

I have one of those jobs that’s fast paced (epic understatement) with constantly changing priorities. In an attempt to preserve some of my sanity, I rely on To Do Lists. Every To Do List I have is a work in progress–new items often get added faster than I can check the older ones off. This constant use of these lists got me to thinking about my other RC To Do Lists. This one has to do with projects and that makes it more of a wish list. Below are some of the projects on my RC To Do List. What are some of wish list/to do list projects:

TTC-type Truck.This will be a scale build built for a crazy variety of terrain, challenges and obstacles. It will 100% waterproof and built like a tank. I see it having a Summit 2-speed and maybe brushless powered. I can see this one rolling on 2.2’s.

Electric 1/8-scale On-road Car. The idea of combining the speed of LiPo and brushless power with the handling of an 1/8-scale on-road car just gets me drooling. Serpent has one and I believe a few other companies do as well. I think it’s time Senior Editor Kevin Hetmanski and I had a nitro vs. electric war–this time on pavement.

Scale Replica of My Full-size Jeep Cherokee. Thanks to Pro-Line Cherokee body, this project has already been started. I need to decide on a chassis. I want leaf springs out back for realism. I might convert my old TCS X-Trail.

Kyosho Blizzard. This is simple. I just have to have a Blizzard with a plow on it.

Old School Monster Truck.I want to build a solid axle monster truck. My son and I love full-size monster trucks and I think we’re going to see this segment come back in RC in a big way. My project will be a mix of old school and new school. Unlike most RC monster trucks, it will have solid axles as mentioned, but I see it being brushless powered with LiPo providing the juice.

Bass Boat.I have an AquaCraft bass boat that I plan to detail out and build a realistic trailer for. This will go awesome with the redneck pickup I also plan to build.

Redneck Pickup.I have the body, I have the chassis, I just have to start building. This truck will have all the real details: mud splashed on the side, hanging exhaust, mismatched paint, rust, beer cans in back, etc.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 2:55 PM
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