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RB Innovations Hyper-Charger 1/5 Air Filter

RB Innovations Hyper-Charger 1/5 Air Filter

RB Innovations introduces its new line of 1/5th scale air filters. The Hyper-Charger features a realistic automotive blower look and function. The charger scoops the air and forces it directly into the engine. This intake allows for a cleaner and cooler air charge maximizing performance of any gas engine.

At the heart of the system is a high flow pleated air filter. This filter captures the finest dirt particles while providing extended run time before cleaning is required.

Kit includes: Entire Air filter assembly, Filter element, Gasket, Bolt spacers and Intake Screen. Hyper-Charger can be used with the Silver Bullet nitrous system.

RA6000 – $39.99

Updated: May 18, 2011 — 8:50 AM
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  1. Sounds like about as much B.S. as a “Boost Bottle” setup. It’s not gonna “force” anything through a paper filter element filter on an engine with a scoop this small. Looks cool but thats about as good as this one is gonna get.

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