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Racers Edge Pro Adjustable Aluminum Servo Horns for Airtronics & JR Servos


New from Racers Edge


Our next generation of servo horns are CNC machined from a thick slab of aluminum, not cast, for unmatched strength and quality. On top of the standard servo screw mounting two additional screws lock down these servo horns from each side clamping onto the servo spindle for extra security There are two linkage mounting locations on the single sided and four on the double sided horns. Available for Hitec, JR, Airtronics, and Futaba servos. In stock online at www.Racers-Edge.com and now shipping to dealers exclusively from HRP Distributing.

Part Numbers-

Airtronics Single Sided Horns

10386B – Blue – $11.99
10386BK – Black – $11.99
10386HA – Hard Anodized – $11.99

JR Single Sided Horns

10388B – Blue – $11.99
10388BK – Black – $11.99
10388HA – Hard Anodized – $11.99

JR Double Sided Horns

10389B – Blue – $13.99
10389BK – Black – $13.99
10389HA – Hard Anodized – $13.99

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