ProTek R/C Gear: LiFe Stick Pack, 50C Hard Case LiPos, Tool Pouch & Wrench Holder

ProTek R/C Gear: LiFe Stick Pack, 50C Hard Case LiPos, Tool Pouch & Wrench Holder

New from ProTek R/C:

2x1S “Sport Race” LiFe 15C Stick Battery Pack

A Main Hobbies today announced a ProTek R/C brand LiFePO4 battery packs for the Kyosho Mini-Z vehicles, with true 15C constant discharge rate. These are designed specifically for the Kyosho Mini-Z vehicles, and are a great performance upgrade for Mini-Z racing! Lithium battery technology is evolving. With cell dimensions that fit anywhere a standard Li-Poly battery will and rapidly increasing capacity, LiFe chemistry will soon set the standard that all others are judged by.

With the ability to deliver 1000+ usable cycles, and a life span up to 4 times longer than Li-Poly batteries (when cycled under the same discharge conditions), these batteries offer the user an excellent balance of performance and value. LiFe batteries are more durable than Li-Poly and are able to handle a higher level of abuse when compared to Li-Poly without the risk of pre-mature failure. Unlike LiPo, LiFePO4 cells can be stored in a fully charged state with little to no loss in stored power, and can be discharged deeper with less risk of damage to the cells. Most importantly, LiFe batteries are SAFE! There is no risk of combustion! LiFe cells will not catch fire or explode when over charged, or after a deep discharge.

NOTE: The use of unique charging and discharging harnesses is required to use these batteries with Mini-Z vehicles.


  • Safe chemistry will not explode or catch fire
  • More mAh per gram compared to NiMH cells, meaning lighter models, and longer runtime
  • Virtually no “self discharge”, so the battery is always ready to go even weeks after charging.
  • Superior voltage performance under load compared to NiMH cells, with consistent torque and speed.
  • Fast charge time

The set of two batteries will sell with a street price of $17.99.

You can find this product listed here:…-Kyosho-Mini-Z


Voltage: 3.3V
Capacity: 500mah
Chemistry: LiFePO4
Charge Rate: 1C
Discharge rate: 15C
Discharge Plug: Mini-Z connector
Dimension (LxWxH): 47×18.5×9.7mm
Weight: 14g each

Tool Pouch & Wrench Holder

A Main Hobbies today announced a ProTek R/C brand Tool Pouch & Wrench Holder. This tool pouch is made from blue canvas type material and has two holes with metal grommets at the top with a flap that folds over the tools and fastens with velcro material to keep the tools “protekted” and in place. This stylish pouch features the ProTek R/C logo and slogan in White and Black, and has pockets for ten of your prized tools with elastic straps to hold them securely.

The tool pouch will sell with a street price of $6.99. But don’t be fooled by the low price! This tool pouch is a great accessory to any pit area.

You can find this product listed here:…-Wrench-Holder

C “Supreme Power” 50C Hard Case Li-Po Car Battery Packs (ROAR Approved)

A Main Hobbies today announced a new line of ProTek R/C brand Lithium Polymer hard case power battery packs for radio controlled cars, with true 50C constant discharge rate. Lithium Polymer batteries produce longer run-time with less weight than traditional NiMH cells and have no memory effect! They can be charged hours or days ahead of time and may be used and recharged limitless times per day.

These packs include bullet connectors for charging and balancing, or a balance charge lead with a Deans style T-plug installed. The balance adapter included is an Align/E-Flite style XH balance connector. These battery packs are built using a hard plastic pack that is required for use at ROAR sanctioned tracks and events. The packs are available in multiple configurations from 1S for 1/12th scale pan cars to large 4S packs for 1/8th electric off-road buggies and truggies.

Note: Some vehicles may require some re-balancing if the light weight of these batteries cause some handling changes. To get the vehicle to balance correctly, add some weight to the battery side of the vehicle.

The batteries will sell with a street price ranging from $59.99 to $199.99. But don’t be fooled by the low price! These batteries perform as good as or better than the most popular name brand batteries on the market today.

2C Maximum Charge Rate!

This battery pack is designed to be safely charged at 2C, twice the normal 1C charge rate required for most Li-Poly battery packs. With a 2C charge rate, you can get these battery packs fully charged in only slightly more than half the time it will take to complete a 1C charge.

CRASH Protection Guarantee!

This battery pack is covered by the ProTek R/C manufacturer “Crash Protection Guarantee”! If you crash your vehicle badly enough to damage the battery pack, you can send the damaged battery pack back to ProTek R/C and purchase a replacement battery for 50% off the regular sale price!

You can find this product listed here:…r=&filter_cat=


Type: Lithium Polymer
Capacity: Various
Voltage: 3.2V per cell nominal
Connector Type: 4.0mm bullets with 2.0mm for balancing or Deans Style T-Plug
Balancer Type: Align/E-Flite compatible (XH)
Number of Cells: Various
Weight: Various
Configuration: Various
Dimensions (WxLxH): Various
Maximum Charge Rate: 2C
Maximum Continuous Discharge: 50C
Maximum Burst Discharge: 100C for 3 seconds

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
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