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The Traxxas Slash is a fun, durable, and cool vehicle to bash, race, and just have fun with. The past couple weeks I have been racing my Slash at a local track and it’s been a blast, but I wanted to make my Slash faster, and more durable so I could really hit the track hard. Follow along as I show you some key upgrades and the reasons for bolting them up.



Traxxas Velineon Brushless Power System

There was no doubt about it; brushless was the way to go. I wanted to squeeze the throttle and take off like a bullet. Choosing the Traxxas system was easy, it’s a direct bolt on to the Slash, and has auto detect lipo cutoff. Their system is wicked fast and there is virtually no maintenance.


Racers Edge 5000mah 7.4 Volt LiPo Battery Pack

I needed a pack that could provide the high amp draw the brushless system would require and something that came with a Traxxas connector. The Racers Edge pack was a no brainer. It has a hard case and fits perfectly in the stock battery location on the Slash. At 5000mah it provided plenty of run time and kept cranking out the amps run after run.


Airtronics MX-3FHSS Radio and Receiver

Going fast and running hard are great, but you need a quality radio system to control it all. I choose the Airtronics unit because it’s super easy to use, uses 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology, and fits comfortably in my hand. It has a number of useful features, and the menu is incredibly easy to navigate. I won’t have to worry about losing control of my high speed Slash with this system, its frequency hopping spread spectrum and is good for a range of well over 1000 feet.


STRC CNC Machined Aluminum A-Arms

These machined a-arms work great on the Slash. They are super smooth since they have delrin in the hinge pin holes, and are a direct bolt on. They add a ton of strength to the truck, and they don’t flex under pressure. I installed these on the front and rear of the truck for durability and smoother suspension travel.


STRC Oversized Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers

Adding these hub carriers was all about durability. They also have larger ball bearings that will last longer then the stock bearings, and look tricked out in the red color that goes nice with the truck.


STRC Oversized Aluminum Front Knuckles

I added aluminum front knuckles for two reasons, first to give the truck some extra durability in a crash prone area, and second to get rid of any sloop in my steering setup. Again I kept with the red theme that looks great.


STRC CNC Machines Aluminum Rear Motor Guard

The stock bumpers do a great job protecting the truck from crashes. I wanted to add these braces to really beef up the rear end and make my Slash bulletproof. Anytime you have a plastic bumper attaching to an aluminum bulkhead or motor guard, in any serious crash the plastic will usually fail before the aluminum gives. The motor guard looks nice in silver and gives my truck some contrast.


Traxxas Aluminum Steering Bellcranks

This is one of the best upgrades you can make to your Slash. The steering Bellcranks are super durable and get rid of slop in the steering. Steering response is improved, and so is durability. They also look great in blue.


RPM Blue Sealed Gear Cover

This upgrade was the first I put on my truck once the brushless system was installed. The last thing I want is dirt and grime to get in and strip my spur gear. This RPM gear cover is completely sealed, and gives your gears protection from the elements. A small investment that will definitely save you time and money in the long run.



Going from a stock Slash to a high power brushless Slash takes some getting used to. My test track was at Pin Shop Hobbies in Oakville CT. I went around the track a couple times and I flipped the truck over. This thing flies. I decided to take a slower approach and did a couple laps a little more tame. Every couple laps I would pick up speed. Within a handful of laps I was wiping around the track. The truck handled great, and it was very fast. With the new found speed and the durability this truck offers, I started hitting the jumps like the big boys. Instead of just driving over the jumps, I hit then full speed. The Slash is a natural jumper so I had no problems landing. I had a lot of fun with this project truck and after a couple flips and a number of crashes into the fence; I didn’t have any broken parts. When the battery finally died I charged it up while I ate my packed lunch. Round 2 went the same way, high speed jumps, spinouts on demand, and tons of fun. The truck was durable, fast, and it looks awesome. Mission accomplished.

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Updated: July 22, 2015 — 10:02 AM
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