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Product News – Nitro House

Fix That Nose Dive Off Jumps
I see this all the time at the track. Someone brings their brand new 4wd and noses over on the very first jump. Four wheel drive has a different style of driving and this includes jumping. READ MORE»

Shock Pistons: Small Hole vs Large Hole
Shock absorbers dampen the compression and rebound of the suspension by controlling the speed at which a suspension cycles. Without them your vehicle would continue to bounce up and down. READ MORE»

Set-up and Tech Tips for the Hyper 10SC
Tip 1. Drill out the 4 piston holes in the rear shocks with a #56 bit (1.20mm) and use 30wt oil to help the rear of the truck float through rough bumpy sections and to prevent the rear from kicking up off jumps and nose diving. READ MORE»

Jammin SCRT

Get your Jammin’ SCRT short course truck dialed in with this pro setup sheet that details every adjustment and setting. READ MORE»

Hyper 9 2.0 Tuning Tips

Learn from the pros about how to tune your Hyper 9 2.0 buggy. This guide covers diff fluid selection and the entire suspension.  READ MORE»

Updated: January 8, 2011 — 2:57 PM
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