Pro Lines Big Blox 1/8th scale buggy tire – BLOX of GRIP

Pro Lines Big Blox 1/8th scale buggy tire – BLOX of GRIP

AUTHOR: Thomas Epting

In the world of 1/8th scale buggy racing tire wear is a big issue. Pro-line’s Big Blox tire is their answer to a longer wearing tread pattern for when races are longer and having grip at the end of a race is key. Tire wear can also be an issue; on some tracks a softer compound tire has more traction, but will wear faster than a hard tire. Pro-line has come up with an interesting work around however. The bigger lug on the Big Blox lets the drivers run a softer compound while maintaining good wear characteristics .

Since I really enjoy driving 1/8th scale buggies, I was really looking forward to turning some laps with these new tires. The first thing you notice when you look at these tires is the size and shape of the center lugs with more contoured and less aggressive side treads which are picked up from the Bow Tie and all the way down to the Blockade type lugs on the outer edge. The design helps the car hold grip through ruts when the track begins to blow out. I ran about 5 tanks of fuel on one set of Big Blox and while I am not a pro driver, I didn’t notice a loss of traction in my run. At the pro level I’m sure they run this tire for a one hour main event and never reuse that specific tire again but at my level its comforting to know that I could run multiple race days on a single set of tires.

In a world where tenths of a second mean winning or losing, a tire that has grip and a longer wear life is a big advantage. Pro-line’s Big Blox will prove that advantage at the end of those long main event races and since this tire comes in 3 compounds (medium, soft, and super soft) you will have the option to go to the next softer compound without worrying about wear. Just don’t tell your competition.


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Updated: December 20, 2012 — 11:16 AM
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