Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks (105mm) Front Or Rear

Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks (105mm) Front Or Rear

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From Pro-Line:

This is a pair of Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks. Pro-Line is proud to announce the next generation of RC Shock Technology with our all-new Ultra Reservoir Shocks! The new Ultra Reservoir Shocks feature a fully functioning Reservoir with a realistic divider piston and set screw for adjusting the shock rebound. The Aluminum Shock Cap, Shock Body, Reservoir, Bottom Caps, Spring Perch, Shock End and Steel Shock Shaft have all been CNC machined to exacting tolerances to achieve the highest quality shock imaginable and have been designed with Scale Realism in mind. X-Ring seals are used for both the main shaft seal and the divider piston for the smoothest and lowest friction seal possible for these 9mm Bore Shocks. From the top mounting hole to the bottom mounting hole the Ultra Reservoir Shocks measure out to be 105mm at full extended length and collapse down to 75mm for a full 30mm of shock travel! The extended length of the shock can be lengthened by unscrewing the rod end by a few turns or it can be reduced by adding limiters inside the shock underneath the piston. Just like Pro-Line’s extremely popular PowerStroke Shocks, the Ultra Reservoir Shocks feature Dual Rate Springs but these shocks come with an extra collar so you can adjust exactly where the dual rate springs transitions to single rate, similar to full scale shocks! Smaller hole pistons are also included for added tuning options. The top and bottom shock eyelets are pressed into plastic inserts for smooth and free pivot action. The Ultra Reservoir Shocks come mostly pre-built and do require oil to be installed by the user.

Check out for how-to instructions on these shocks.

Don’t miss out on the coolest looking and best performing shocks on the Planet, Get your own Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks today!


  • Scale Shock Appearance & Performance
  • Real working Reservoir Shock System
  • Precision CNC Machined Parts to Exacting Specifications
  • X-Ring Seals for Smooth and Low Friction Performance
  • 9mm Bore, 105mm Extended Length, 75mm Collapsed Length
  • Dual Rate Springs with Adjustable Dual Rate to Single Rate Transition Collar
  • Pro-Line P-L Logo Laser Etched into the Aluminum Shock Cap

What’s Included:

  • Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks (2 pcs)
  • Internal Reservoir Components & Small Hole Pistons


  • Rock Racers & Rock Crawlers


Ultra Reservoir Shocks #6288-00 Shock Lengths (No Limiters):

Extended: 105mm
Compresssed: 75mm

#6288-00 – $93.46

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