Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit for the Traxxas Slash

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ProTrac™ Suspension Kit for Slash®

Fits: Traxxas Slash®

Includes: Front arms (2), Rear arms (2), Front Shock tower (1), Rear Shock tower (1), Rear Hubs (2), Split Six Wheels (4), 50mm x 4mm Camber Links (4), 70mm x 4mm Steering Links (2)

Part # 6062-00 

UPC 67511815062

Street Price $50 – $55

Estimated Ship Date: 1-15-10

Pro-Line is well known in the racing community for their high-end tires, bodies and accessories. All are great for racers, hobbyists and bashers alike. We just got a first look at the newest offering from Pro-Line—the ProTrac Suspension Kit for the Traxxas Slash. So, why would you want to upgrade your truck to this new suspension kit? Well, Pro-Line really did their homework and by running this kit, you gain a number of advantages both on and off the track. Check it out!



The bread and butter of this kit are the suspension arms. They are 10mm longer than stock arms which give your truck more stability in corners, jumps and straight line traction. The front A-arms feature two mounting positions for the shocks and are very beefy. The rear A-arms are just as strong and feature five positions for mounting shocks. The rear end uses new hub carriers which have six different mounting positions for the turnbuckles. To keep the stock width on the Slash while still gaining performance, Pro-Line includes four new wheels, which have 10mm of negative offset to keep the truck at stock width. This is especially important as the new suspension still conforms to ROAR specs. New longer steel turnbuckles and wider front and rear shock towers are also included. The wider stance compliments the wider arms and work as one complete unit in getting your Slash to the next level of performance. The front shock tower has two different positions for the shocks, and three different positions for the turnbuckles. This really allows you to fine-tune your suspension. The rear shock tower features two shock mounting positions and three positions for the turnbuckle. All of this tuning capability allows you to set the type of camber changes you need for specific track conditions and your specific driving style. So enough with the technical info, let’s check out how they perform!



For my testing, I wanted everything to be as scientific as possible. I took two brand-new Slashes and outfitted them both with Pro-Line Caliber M3 tires, Mamba Max Pro speed controls mounted to Castle 5700 motors, 6500mAh LiPo batteries, along with Pro-Line skidplates and front bumper. I used the stock radio system and servo in both trucks.



I did five practice laps with each truck and then re-peaked the batteries. I did 15 laps with the stock truck and then I did 15 laps with the outfitted Pro-Line ProTrac suspension kit. Without a doubt, the one with Pro-Line’s suspension kit felt much better. I couldn’t believe how noticeable the difference was! It was very stable in corners and didn’t seem to lean as much as the stock truck. Handling was much improved; it felt like I was running swaybars. On big jumps I couldn’t tell a huge difference in performance, however, on small ruts and bumps it did seem like the ProTrac-outfitted Slash had the distinct advantage.


If you’re a racer, it all comes down to the numbers. According to the stopwatch, my laps were about 1 ½ to 2 seconds faster with the Pro-Line suspension system. That might not seem like a big number to you bashers out there, but when it comes to racing, that’s huge! With the ProTrac suspension system, my truck felt more planted, cornered better and was faster. What else could you ask for?



Overall, I felt like the Pro-Line suspension system made a huge difference in handling, and as a bonus, it was very durable. I did my testing full-throttle and tried to make the fastest laps possible, and it did shave seconds off my laps. I’d highly recommend this system to all racers and if you bash, I’d definitely pick it up to add durability and performance to your truck.—Brandon


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