Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)


Pro-Line’s Pro-Spec Scaler shocks are purpose built as a true-to-scale, tunable performance option for serious trail and scale enthusiasts. Each shock is precision CNC machined from aluminum and finished with a smooth internal polish for excellent damping action. The exterior of the shock body is fine threaded for precise adjustments, and the whole shock is topped with a striking blue anodized shock cap.

All Pro-Spec Scaler shocks come with an x-ring lower shock seal for the lowest possible friction and smooth action, as well as preventing any grime from entering the shock, or shock oil from leaking out. To add to the tuning options on the Pro-Spec shocks, Pro-Line includes both a 2-piece progressive and a single-piece linear spring setup for each shock, along with 5mm extended lower eyelets for those seeking that extra bit of travel. Pro-Spec Scaler shocks come mostly pre-built, meaning you just need to add fluid and you’re ready to hit the trails.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)


Upon taking the shocks out of the package, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of build quality. I always expect something good from Pro-Line, but these shocks really go above and beyond and tick all the boxes. The exterior anodization and machining quality are top-notch. The super fine threads on the shock body allowed me to adjust the shocks to exactly the right height, and the added o-ring on the inside of the shock collar means the setting will stay in place. The overall size and design, from the shock bodies to the collars give the Pro-Spec Scaler shocks a very realistic look, like that of a high-end performance coilover for full size trucks. Internally these shocks are super smooth, which means lower friction and better overall performance.

The shocks come mostly pre-built, which means they still need fluid, and that’s perfect since it gave me the option to fill with the ideal fluid weight for my own rigs. Before filling with oil, I would suggest adding a dab of your preferred shock seal grease to the seals for good measure. The x-ring shock seal design has gained popularity over the years among manufacturers of performance RC shocks, and for good reason. The x-seal not only helps to better prevent dirt and grime from entering the shock, but also reduces friction on the shock shaft leading to smoother movement and better performance. The 2-piece progressive and single linear spring options are also a great touch, especially for expanded tuning.

Personally, I preferred the linear option for my crawler rig, as it provided smooth, predictable performance. The progressive 2-piece design excelled on my faster rock racer, soaking up bumps and whoops like they were nothing. It’s great to have both options and means the shocks can play double duty when needed. Overall, Pro-Line’s Pro-Spec Scaler shocks are great for accurate scale builds and performance crawlers alike and will make a great addition to your trail rig.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm) MSRP: $62.95 SKU: 6316-01

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Updated: June 18, 2021 — 10:20 AM
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