Pro-Line Has a Complete PRO-2 Buggy Kit (And We Have It)

Pro-Line Has a Complete PRO-2 Buggy Kit (And We Have It)

6-28-2014 10-42-04 AM

Pro-Line’s original PRO-2 SC truck kit will go down in history as the brand’s first all-in-one-box kit, but it will no longer be PL’s only kit–now that the PRO-2 Short Course Buggy is here, Pro-Line has two ways to get your wrenches turning. We’ve got the scoop on the new buggy kit, which we’ll review ASAP. Bit for now, let the unboxening commence–click for bigger pics.


There’s no sense of scale here, but be assured this is a big box of fun–it’s just over two feet long and packed to the gills.



…as you can see. Let’s get some of that loot out of the way so we can see what’s happening in there.



Here we go. As you can see, the main chassis arrives assembled with transmission in place. There are more parts packed under the “shelf” the chassis is zip-tied to.



Here’s the box contents spread out–keep in mind, there’s a lot of stuff packed into the “Master Bag.”



Freed from zip-tie bondage, the chassis pops out of the box just like this. It’s the same setup as used by Pro-Line’s PRO-2 truck. Even the Velcro battery straps are pre-strung for you.



No skimping here, that’s Pro-Line’s Performance Transmission sitting on the machined aluminum chassis plate. It arrives with a sealed and silicone-filled gear diff.



Bonus points for cap-on-a-leash technology. Let’s get that cover off…



There we go, now you can see the dual-pad slipper and vented pressure plates. All top-flight stuff.



Up front, we find Pro-Line’s Performance Steering Kit already in place. Much love for the man-sized spring tension adjuster. Note the chunky aluminum servo mounts. Go ahead and put your strongest servo in there.



Here’s another angle. Stout parts throughout, and the bellcranks turn on ball bearings.



It just wouldn’t be a Pro-Line kit without Pro-Line tires, now would it? Blockade pre-mounts are in the box, so there’s no gluing for you to do (thank you).



Dynamite dampers here, with a full set of Power Strokes ready to fill and install. We’ve used these on a bunch of builds and they’re top-notch. Pro-Line offers tuning springs for them also, so you can dial in your ride.




Pro-Line’s pic of the completed car. The lights are optional.



Body panels removed, looks killer!


We’ll be giving the PRO-2 buggy a full review in RCCA, but spoiler alert, we already know it’s a blast since we built one up by converting an PRO-2 truck using the PRO-2 buggy conversion kit as featured in our latest Short Course special issue. Stay tuned…

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