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Pro-Line And PROTOform Mid February Releases

Pro-Line And PROTOform Mid February Releases

Gladiator SC 2.2″/3.0″ Tires for Slash, Slash 4×4, SC10, Ultima SC & Blitz Front or Rear

This is Pro-Line’s Gladiator SC 2.2″/3.0″ Tires (2) for Slash®, Slash® 4×4, SC10, Blitz and Ultima Front or Rear. The Gladiator tread is an icon in the world of RC because of its unmatched traction and durability on a variety of surfaces. For over a decade, Gladiator tires have been tearing up bash and race spots around the World. Now, Pro-Line Racing is bringing the Gladiator tread to your Short Course Truck so you can dominate the terrain! The Gladiator tires are designed to give your short course truck optimal traction on any surface, while also giving you the durability that you are searching for.

When you see the mean looking knobs on your Short Course truck, you will know that you made the right decision to trust Pro-Line with your traction needs. After you punch the throttle, you will be a Pro-Line fan for life! Available in M2 (Medium) and M3 (Soft) compound for setting the pace at the track. Don’t forget to check out all of the other great products that Pro-Line offers for your truck by using Pro-Line’s Pick By Kit!

Tire Features:

  • Multi-leveled step pin design for incredible traction and durability
  • Based off of the world-renowned Gladiator 1:10 scale truck tires
  • High density, reusable Closed Cell inserts included
  • Official Pro-Line logo and Gladiator SC name embossed on sidewall of tire
  • For use with Pro-Line 2.2″ X 3.0″ Wheels
  • Made in the USA, since 1982 – Read about Pro-Line Racing’s History

What’s Included:

  • Gladiator SC tire (2 pcs)
  • Closed Cell inserts (2 pcs)
  • Pro-Line decal (1 pc)


Height: 4.35″ (110mm)
Width: 1.74″ (44mm)

1169-01 | Gladiator SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 (Medium) Tires $21.21
1169-02 | Gladiator SC 2.2″/3.0″ M3 (Soft) Tires $22.06

Performance Steering Kit for 2WD Slash and Electric Rustler

This is Pro-Line’s Performance Steering Kit for 2WD Slash® and Electric Rustler®. Do you want to take your Slash® to the next performance level? Whether you are racing or bashing, the increased steering response and precision provided by Pro-Line’s Performance Steering Kit will lead to faster lap times and more fun! The kit includes ball bearings for silky smooth steering action and an adjustable servo-saver that allows you to control the desired amount of steering response, while still protecting your servo. As an added bonus, Pro-Line’s development team eliminated possibility of the steering popping out by bolting the steering column through the chassis. Pro-Line’s steering kit is a must for every 2WD Slash® and Electric Rustler®!

The stock servo-saver is not ideal for racing or bashing conditions because it allows the front wheels to drift from side-to-side too much and you lose precise control. Pro-Line’s steering kit gives control back to you because you can adjust the exact amount of tension on the servo-saver. The steering kit also eliminates the stock white plastic steering assembly and replaces it with durable black nylon for that race look that you desire. Ball bearings are also a requirement when you desire smooth and precise steering response and these are included with the Pro-Line Performance Steering Kit. After buying and installing this steering kit you will never have to worry about the steering kit popping out ever again. The kit includes the necessary hardware to bolt the steering and skid plate to the chassis, which makes the front end stiffer and stronger!

Don’t forget to check out Pro-Line’s other great accessories for the Slash® 2WD, like the ProTrac Suspension Kit and the PowerStroke Shocks!



  • Made from extremely durable nylon material
  • Direct replacement for your Slash® and Electric Rustler®
  • Race inspired steering design that rides on smooth ball bearings
  • Heavy duty, adjustable servo-saver to protect your servo
  • Steering bolts through chassis eliminating the possibility of the steering popping out

What’s Included:

  • Molded steering link assembly (1)
  • Precision ball bearings (4)
  • Adjustable servo-saver assembly (1)
  • Miscellaneous hardware

6067-00 | Performance Steering Kit $29.95

Trencher 2.8″ (30 Series) All Terrain Truck Tires for STOCK Traxxas 2.8″ Wheels

This is a pair of Pro-Line’s Trencher 2.8″ (30 Series) All Terrain Truck Tires (2) for Front or Rear of the Traxxas® Stampede® and Stampede® 4X4. Pro-Line is very excited to announce the availability of the Trencher 2.8” designed specifically for the Traxxas® Stampede® and Stampede® 4X4! The Trencher 2.8” is a direct replacement tire and will fit on the stock Traxxas®2.8” wheels. Pro-Line’s world class development team spent several months of research, development and testing to ensure that the Trencher 2.8” tire will perform above and beyond your expectations in any condition that you take your Stampede® or Stampede® 4X4. Whether it is loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, street or gravel the Trencher 2.8” tire is up to the task. If you only buy one tire for your Stampede® or Stamped® 4X4, this is the one to buy!

The Trencher tread was designed to have ultimate traction combined with long-lasting durability. Each tire lug is shaped to dig into whatever surface you are running on and is ultra-thick so that it is extremely durable. The popular Trencher tread pattern can also be found on Short Course, 40 Series Monster Truck and the Baja 5T, so get them all!


  • Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of traction and side-to-side stability
  • Over-sized tall tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
  • For use with stock Traxxas® 2.8″ wheels
  • Extremely detailed sidewall design for that tough off-road look
  • Official Pro-Line logo and Trencher name embossed on sidewall of tire
  • Made in the USA, since 1982 – Read about Pro-Line Racing’s History

What’s Included:

  • Trencher 2.8″ tire (2 pcs)
  • Foam inserts (2 pcs)
  • Pro-Line decal (1)


Height: 4.87″ (124mm)
Width: 2.86″ (73mm)

1170-00 | Trencher 2.8″ (30 Series) All Terain Tires $18.66

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Clear Body for E-MAXX 3905, E-REVO, REVO 3.3 & MGT

This is a Pro-Line Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor Clear Body for the REVO® 3.3. The full-size Ford® Raptor SVT was designed for serious off-road abuse and now you can give your monster truck the same look! The Raptor has a bold grill that tells everyone to get out of your way and hood fins that prove it is a serious racing truck. Every detail of this modern icon was re-created to give your truck the ultimate in off-road styling. When you see your Raptor SVT mounted on your monster truck, you will realize that this is exactly what you have been waiting for. Buckle-up and hold on for Pro-Line’s Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor Clear Body for the REVO® 3.3!

Don’t forget to submit your finished Pro-Line Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor monster truck to Reader’s Rides when you are done. Who knows, you could get your ride posted on the blog and you could even win a prize!


  • Made with Genuine GE .060 Lexan®
  • Perfect fit and proportions for the REVO® 3.3 and E-MAXX® 3903
  • Bold Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor styling – Stand out among the crowd
  • Exceptional detail – From far away or close up, you and your friends will be able to see the detail
  • Paint then peel overspray film, sticker sheet, and window masks included
  • Four step to Race Ready:

1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor onto your REVO® 3.3 or E-MAXX® 3903

  • Made in the USA, since 1982 – Read about Pro-Line Racing’s History


  • REVO® 3.3
  • E-MAXX® 3903
  • E-REVO®
  • T-MAXX® 3.3
  • Savage

What’s Included:

  • Clear Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor body
  • Window templates
  • Decal Sheet

Body Specs:

Length: 19.5″ (495mm)
Width: 6.9″ (175mm)
Height: 5.9″ (150mm)
Wheel Base: 13.3″ (338mm)

3345-00 | Ford F-150 Raptor SVT $31.41

BullDog Clear Body for Kyosho RB5

This is the Pro-Line BullDog Clear Body for the Kyosho RB5 1:10 buggy. Pro-Line has made waves in the RC industry because of the superior handling and aggressive styling of the BullDog line of bodies. Some BullDog bodies have even been considered an unfair advantage due to the huge performance gains. Now Kyosho fans can celebrate because Pro-Line is bringing this race proven technology straight to the RB5! This body has been designed specifically to fit the Kyosho buggy chassis yet still provides the unmatched performance characteristics that define Pro-Line’s BullDog body line.

The BullDog body line all started when Team drivers like Ryan Cavalieri and Ty Tessmann put their heads together with the Pro-Line development team with a mission to develop bodies with class leading performance in the 1:8th ranks. This aggressive goal was achieved with the BullDog body line. BullDog bodies now set the standard in performance. After achieving such impressive results, Pro-Line is now bringing BullDog cab forward technology to the 1:10 class and, specifically, to the Kyosho RB5. Don’t be left behind, get the the Pro-Line BullDog Clear Body for the Kyosho RB5 1:10 buggy today!


  • Advanced cab forward design generates unmatched off-power steering
  • Low profile rear deck feeds wing with clean air flow
  • Made from durable / genuine Lexan®
  • Super-low styling giving your RB5 the lowest center of gravity (CG) possible
  • Fabricated to fit snugly around each chassis component
  • Stand out from the crowd with the unique BullDog styling
  • Paint-then-peel overspray film included
  • Four step to Race Ready:

1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new BullDog onto your RB5

  • Made in the USA

What’s Included:

  • Clear BullDog Body (1pc)
  • Rear Wing (2pcs)
  • Decal sheet (1pc)
  • Window mask (1pc)

3351-00 | BullDog RB5 $24.61

Adjustable Battery Strap for Slash 2WD and Slash 4×4

This is Pro-Line’s Adjustable Battery Strap for the 2WD Slash® and Slash® 4X4. Have you ever lost that little clip that holds the stock Slash® battery strap down right before your race or bashing session? Are you tired of fumbling around with the stock battery strap and taking it off every time you have to change the battery? Do you want something that will fit your battery exactly, hold it secure and has a quick release so you can get your battery out fast? Do you have a crazy big LiPo battery that won’t fit under the stock battery strap? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions Pro-Line has the solution that you have been looking for!

Pro-Line’s Adjustable Battery Strap is a direct replacement for your Slash® 2WD and Slash® 4X4 and features everything that you would ever want in a battery strap. The Pro-Line battery strap is adjustable and can be tightened down to ensure your battery stays secure. It also features an aluminum pivot block, which allows the battery strap to rotate completely out of the way so you can easily remove your battery. Pro-Line didn’t stop there and designed a quick release for the front of the battery strap so you can change batteries faster than ever. Once you try this battery strap you will wonder why all straps don’t have these features, it is that awesome!

Spread the word! Pro-Line has great accessories for the Slash® 2WD and Slash® 4X4!



  • Will fit any non-hump style battery pack between 18mm – 27mm thick or 32mm – 45mm thick (with included risers)
  • Made from extremely durable nylon material
  • Direct replacement for your Slash® and Slash® 4X4
  • Aluminum pivot block allows battery strap to rotate completely out of the way
  • Quick release strap for fast and easy battery removal

What’s Included:

  • Molded battery strap and support components
  • Aluminum pivot block
  • Miscellaneous hardware

6066-00 | Adjustable Battery Strap $29.95

J71 Clear Body

After receiving many requests, PROTOform is proud to release it’s rendition of the 1971 Trans-Am Championship winning car. The addition of the J71 to the VTA scene will surely add new excitement and drama to an already diverse class of racing.

The J71 features all the unique styling cues of the original car as well as is a molded in rear spoiler. The front of the car features an add-on nose with air dam. When mounted with shoo goo and 2mm screws it becomes an integral part of the body. Because this area of a racebody is the most prone to racing wear and tear, a second nose is supplied with the body. This configuration allows for molding a lightweight, durable .030 lexan body, which in turn aids the handling ability of any VTA chassis.

The VTA class has already proven that it’s loved by all. The PROTOform J71 will hopefully make it even more colorful!


  • Made from extremely durable .030 Lexan® material
  • 200mm wide at the front and 210mm across the rear wheel openings
  • Add-on front nose with air dam
  • Paint then peel over spray film, sticker sheet, and window masks included
  • Exceptional detail for the Vintage style we all enjoy

What’s Included:

  • Clear J71 body (1pc)
  • Front Body Nose Piece (2pcs)
  • Mounting Hardware (1pc)
  • Window Masks (1pc)
  • Decal Sheet (1pc)

Body Specs:

Length:16.9″ (429mm)
Width: F – 7.9″ (200mm) / R – 8.3″ (210mm)
Height:3.9″ (110mm)
Wheel Base:10.2″ (260mm)

1526-00 | J71 Clear Body $29.71

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