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Pro-Line 4WD Hole Shot R3


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One of the biggest comeback forms of racing in 2007 was electric 4wd. Requests starting pouring into Pro-Line for the ever popular R3 compound in a 4wd front tire. The wait is over.

The Hole Shot has seen numerous National Championship titles as well as World Championship titles. Introduced to the electric scene as the first tire available in Square Lug Technology, it has delivered performance at all levels of racing in just about every category of racing imaginable. Coupled with R3 material, your 4wd is ready for battle on many of today’s blue-groove surfaces. If blue-groove surfaces are not your cup of tea, then check out the super sticky M3 compound specifically designed for more dusty/loamy surfaces.

When you’re looking to holeshot the competition, check out Pro-Line’s Hole Shot 4wd front tire.

· Made from ultra-soft M3 compound or blue-groove R3 compound
· Multi National and World Championship design
· Fits any 2.2” 4wd front wheel
· Foam inserts included

4WD Hole Shot 2.2” Performance 4WD buggy tire
#8185-02 (M3)   $14.00
#8185-12 (R3)    $14.00

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Updated: December 9, 2010 — 1:54 PM
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