Pro Boat Announces Voracity-E and Stealthwake RTRs

Pro Boat Announces Voracity-E and Stealthwake RTRs

Pro Boat has just released two new V-hull boats for the boat gang out there. Both are ready-to-run models and go by the names of Voracity-E 36  and Stealthwake 23.  The Voracity-E 36 is a 36 inch boat with a fiberglass hull and it has a 120amp speed control that is capable of 6S power. According to Pro Boat, this sucker is able to reach speeds of 50+MPH. The Stealthwake is a little bit smaller at 23 inches and its brushed power system is something that your newbie and average boater can easily handle. This hull uses and ABS hull and its 60 amp speed control can handle a 6-7 cell NiMH or a 2S LiPo.

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Pro Boat Announces Voracity-E and Stealthwake RTRs

Pro Boat Voracity-E 36 Brushless Deep-V RTR

Pro Boat Announces Voracity-E and Stealthwake RTRs

Pro Boat Voracity-E 36 Brushless Deep-V RTR

Pro Boat Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V RTR

Pro Boat Voracity-E 36 Brushless Deep-V RTR

Pro Boat Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V RTR


From Pro Boat

Satisfy your craving for speed and precision with the Voracity™-E 36 Brushless Deep-V. Sitting beneath the sleek trim scheme and canopy of the Voracity™-E Brushless Deep-V you’ll find a water-cooled 120A ESC and a fierce 6-pole 1650Kv 40x82mm brushless motor. This unbeatable combination sits atop a hand-laid Deep-V fiberglass hull that has been optimized for peak performance, even in rough conditions. Push the speed envelope and give the competition a run for their money on the open water today.

  • Capable of reaching speeds of 50+ mph
  • Includes Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DX2E DSMR Radio System with SR310 Receiver
  • Water-cooled Dynamite® marine 120-amp ESC (6S compatible)
  • Optimized hull constructed from lightweight fiberglass
  • Offset rudder, rudder-mount, and prop strut built of high-strength aluminum
  • High torque, waterproof steering servo
  • Sealed twist latch canopy system
  • Waterproof electronics



Length: 36 in (914.4mm)

Beam: 11 in (279.4mm)

Motor Size: Water-cooled Brushless 40x82mm 1650Kv

Weight: 6.10 lbs (2.8kg)

Speed: 50+ mph with 6S LiPo

Radio: Spektrum DX2ESpeed

Control: Dynamite 120AHull

Material: Fiberglass composite

Trim Scheme Colors: Metalic Blue, White, Gold

Prop Size: 1.4×2.478 in

Hull Type: Deep-V

Battery: Reaction 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 50C LiPo with Hardcase and EC5 connector recommended


Scale: 36-inch

Drive System: Flex ShaftIs

 Assembly Required: No


The razor-sharp Stealthwake™ 23-inch Deep-V comes ready to blend in and turn heads at a moment’s notice. The perfect addition to any arsenal, the Stealthwake™ 23 Deep-V is ideal when the mission calls for speed, precision, and style. Armed with an under-the-radar black matte finish and lethally efficient 550-size motor, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V comes equipped to covertly take out your competition with speed and style they’ll never see coming. No matter what the assignment calls for, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V has you covered with an unbeatable RTR setup sure to leave the competition stupefied.

  • Impressive, water-cooled 540 size motor
  • Dynamite® 7.4V 2400mAh NiMH Dynamite® battery and charger included
  • Pro Boat® 2.4GHz marine radio system for extended range and interference-free operation
  • Streamlined Deep-V hull made from durable ABS plastic
  • Boat stand included
  • 60A Li-Po ready ESC
  • Whiplash inducing trim scheme and design
  • Waterproof electronics



Length: 23 in (584.2mm)

Beam: 7.12 in (180.8mm)

Motor Size: 550 size 15-Turn

Radio: ECX 2.4GHz Transmitter, 2-Channel V3

Speed Control: WP 60A FWD/REV Brushed ESC

Hull Material: ABS

Trim Scheme Colors: Matte

Prop Size: 1.6×2.5″ Plastic

Hull Type: V-Hull

Battery: 6–7C (7.2–8.4V) NiMH or 2S (7.4V) LiPo recommended


Scale: 23-inch

Drive System: Driveshaft

Assembly Required: No

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 2:59 PM
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