“What is the best way to grow RC racing?” Track Promotion.

“What is the best way to grow RC racing?” Track Promotion.

According to our survey, most of you feel that the answer to getting more racers to tracks is “Better advertising/promotion of local tracks to their communities,” with 34% of the vote. That’s a very pragmatic take–after all, you can’t expect people to show up at your track if they don’t know it exists.

Results below, plus some of the comments from the poll-page:

Best Way To Grow Racing

A good cost-controlled “stock racing” option again. A budget / spec based line of motors, escs, batteries. No tire saucing. It’s way too easy to be WAY too fast when you start out… which leads to crashes and breaking… ALOT. – MatW

Racing is too expensive no matter what class. The argument from people still racing is you can get lower spec or second hand to get started but we all know that human competitive nature takes over and spending starts. The manufacturers and distributors need to take a look at prices. For example when I started racing around 1999 2wd buggies were around £200 full retail for the top level cars now they are around an average of £300 plus. Where has the extra cost come from the cars still have 4 corners shocks etc. – John Walton

Need to make it more affordable it’s too expensive for parents to waste money on .most people can’t even pay their bills….maybe even have a rookie day event or only new people can come and rais maybe even have a rookie day event for only new people can come and race .some people are too competitive can’t keep their mouth shut and it scares off the racers. – Tom

For Onroad racing especially in the slower spec classes get rid of the foam tyres and go back to rubber. We also need to ditch tyre warmers, traction compounds and most definitely stop with the sugar watering of tracks. Whatever happened to learning to set up a car and driving to conditions?. Pick a tyre and insert for your track and call it done. All the other bits (warmers,etc) are just making it far too expensive for the general public to get involved. – Used to Love Racing

Keeping the environment welcoming to new drivers. Structured practice where they open practice for only rookies for a certain amount of time would help reduce the anxiety of new drivers not wanting to get in the way, as well as reduce conflict with some types of seasoned drivers with a certain type of personality. – Richard Robbins

For me it’s time. It’s a finite resource and if you want to compete even on a regional level, you must dedicate a lot of time to the hobby ( wrenching, practice, etc) even when you aren’t racing. Find a way to enjoy a weekend day racing without investing your weekday afternoons and you will see more soccer moms, dad’s and kids doing it. – Scott

I think, what makes the biggest difference, and makes people want to come again, or even bring friends, is to make them feel welcome, be willing to help, do not make it too much science….. let them crash, they will find the science in it later. And of course leave out comments about their equipment… we all started somewhere. – Spider

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Updated: June 21, 2017 — 11:07 AM
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