PLUG & PLAY A Closer Look At Traxxas’ EZ-Peak Live Charger Technology

PLUG & PLAY A Closer Look At Traxxas’ EZ-Peak Live Charger Technology

There used to be a time that you could plug in a battery, rotate the charger’s timer knob to 15 minutes, and bam, your RC vehicle’s battery was getting fast-charged. With RC technology advancing as much as it has over the decades since those simpler days, the process of charging batteries has gotten a lot more complicated.

Chargers with complex data screens are now common, as are multiple plugs extending from batteries. It feels as if learning how to charge and take care of your batteries is more complicated than learning how to run your RC vehicle nowadays. Traxxas, thanks to its EZ-Peak Live iD technology, is determined to bring simplicity to today’s complex battery care regimen.

We’ve been using Traxxas’ EZ-Peak Live Dual iD charger over the past few months and have to say that it has taken all the guesswork out of operating a modern charger and batteries, and with its available Bluetooth-connected Traxxas EZ-Peak Live app, it has even given us the tools to understand, control and visually see what’s going on with our batteries. The iD system detects which Traxxas iD-equipped battery you are using and automatically configures the settings for the optimal charge. The progress bar and audible alerts keep you informed, while advanced peak detection delivers a perfect charge every time. It must be noted that this tech is only designed for Traxxas batteries, legacy ones included.

The EZ-Peak Live Dual iD charger is capable of charging two 4S LiPo batteries simultaneously, and what’s even more amazing is that the multi-chemistry dual charger can charge mixed types of batteries at the same time. Plug in a 7-cell NiMH and a 3-cell LiPo and charge them in tandem—no problem. With 200 watts of power on tap, EZ-Peak Dual maximizes its charging potential for NiMH and LiPo batteries. Even the largest 4-cell LiPo batteries are no problem with up to 16 amps of charging power per side. Two high-flow fans keep the temperature down for extended charging sessions. This charger monitors how much power each battery needs and takes all the guesswork out of charging. Just press the charge buttons and your part is done.

You can even choose whether to balance, fast, or storage-charge each battery individually as well. If you’re in a hurry, you can hit the Maxx charge button to have one battery charge more quickly than the other, feeding it up to 16 amps to get back into action faster. The charger uses built-in Bluetooth to work seamlessly with the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live app for iOS and Android. The EZ-Peak Live app gives you detailed information, remote monitoring, and advanced operating functions through your mobile device’s screen. Enjoy easy access to firmware upgrades, remote monitoring and alerts for up to four chargers, detailed live charging information, and the ability to turn off iD mode. iD mode may be switched off for charging legacy Traxxas batteries with non-iD High-Current Connectors.

We’re happy to report that Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger technology has really brought back simplicity in taking care of our modern RC batteries. Now instead of worrying about battery charging calculations, we can quickly get back to the fun instead!

EZ Peak Live Dual Charger with iD
P/N: 2973
MSRP: $169.95

PLUG & PLAY A Closer Look At Traxxas’ EZ-Peak Live Charger Technology

Text and Images by Jerry Tsai

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Updated: May 19, 2023 — 3:41 AM
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