Pit Bull 2.2″ Rock Beast II Tires [Review]

Pit Bull 2.2″ Rock Beast II Tires [Review]

Pit Bull is a well known company in the full-size automotive world, and the company produces tires for off-road vehicles including ATVs and UTVs, 4X4s and even pullers. RC tires are the newest direction for the brand, and the 1/10 scale rubber is designed by the same engineers that get the full-size treads just right. Pit Bull has scale tires in 1.9-inch, 2.2-inch and short course sizes. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the 2.2-inch Rock Beast II.


Pit Bull Rock Beast II 2.2 Review

They look like full-size tires because they were designed by the same guys make the real deal. I mounted the tires on stock Axial Yeti wheels. Click to enlarge.

Without a scale reference to give the size away, it’s hard to tell if you’re looking at Pit Bull’s full-size Rocker LT tire or the Rockbeast II RC tire. Tread detail is crisp right down to the tread siping and fine sidewall lettering (click the photo to enlarge), and the proportions look right. However, I was disappointed to see that foam inserts are not included. According to Pit Bull, they put it to a customer vote and the response was,  “No thanks, save us the money.” Pit Bull sells a 2-stage foam insert separately, but I like to see a basic foam inserts included so the tires are ready to mount right out of the bag. The rubber is Pit Bull’s soft Komp Kompound, which is comparable to other brands’ softest scale-tire compounds.


Pit Bull Rock Beast II 2.2 Review

The Pit Bulls are a perfect fit, and the soft Komp Kompound rubber really grips. Click to enlarge.

I tested the Rock Beasts with my Axial Yeti using its stock beadlock wheels and the original foam inserts. The Rock Beasts fit well between the rim and locking ring. On the loose dirt the tires had great grip. They easily dug in and threw roost as the front tires lifted into the air under full throttle, and maintained forward traction after the initial blast of power. Steering was also strong, as the well-spaced tread lugs gave ample side bite—enough to risk traction rolling id I pushed hard enough. When traversing exposed roots and rocks, the tires’ soft compound and Axial inserts worked well together to conform to the terrain and maintain traction. I expected significant slippage on hard-packed dirt, but the Rock Beasts surprised me with their grip. The treads seemed to bend and dig in to grab the surface, and slippage was predictable and easy to manage. As expected, the tires gave the Yeti a lazy cornering feel at speed due to the soft inserts and tall sidewalls allowing the tread to fold under the rims. At lower speeds, cornering feel improved. For high speed running, firm inserts will definitely be the way to go. The Rock Beasts really shined on the trails, where scale-appropriate roots, rocks and logs were easily conquered.

– Authentic, detailed scale tread design
– Aggressive grip on most surfaces
– Soft compound

– Foam inserts not included

Final Word
Pit Bull’s Rock Beast II tires are a great way to add a scale look to your truck and improve its trail manners too. Their soft rubber compound and aggressive tread pattern make them good all-around performers. I’d like to see foam inserts included, but it’s easy enough to add them separately (or recycle a set, as I did for this test). Overall, the Rock Beast IIs earn high marks for fit, quality, performance and style.


Pit Bull Rock Beast II 2.2
Item no. PB9002NK
Price: $30 (pair)
Fits: 2.2 in. scale-type rim
Dimensions: 2.22 in. inside diameter, 5.75 in. outside diameter
Weight: 5.2 oz. (147g) single tire, unmounted, no insert
Pit Bull Xtreme RC pbxrc.com

Pit Bull Rock Beast II 2.2 Review

Ready to roll. The Rock Beasts have a tough scale look and performance to match. Click to enlarge.


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