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From Performa Racing:
HB Racing manager Adrien Bertin confirms the launch of the Performa Racing brand for 2019.

1. Hello Adrien, let’s go straight to the point, what is Performa Racing?

AB: Hello everybody, I am really pleased to introduce you to the Performa Racing brand. Over the past 2 years we have had great success with HB Racing, and some of our HB team drivers wanted to use a complete Neidhart SA package that included the car & power source. After some talk with Neidhart SA owner Philippe Neidhart, we decided that the Performa concept will work alongside HB Racing. Performa Racing is a new Neidhart SA brand that will be treated with the same philosophy as HB Racing: Offer the best products with no compromise, aimed at the most demanding racers.

2. OK, so what will you offer under the Performa Racing brand?

AB: Performa Racing will offer a range of products that can power the cars, either electric or nitro, as well as high performance accessories and upgrades for the cars.

3. How will it work then?

AB: We have decided on two distribution methods. First is through selected partners worldwide. These partners are well known for their great experience in the racing field, so they can assist racers with getting the right parts from a convenient source, help support our hobby and build a relationship. Second is an internet platform that presents and sells direct to the public, so the Performa products are presented with full sales information includ- ing photos, specs, instructions, parts list, and compatibility information. The internet is a great way to provide worldwide access for customers who don’t have a local source. So with the two choices the racers can decide where they purchase the products. This system allows Performa to offer extremely high performance products at a good price.

4. We can expect some news regarding drivers?

AB: Yes, making a product requires feedback from top level racers, this experienced team will fully contribute to the Performa project. But it is not only a matter of drivers, I have the chance to collaborate with the most experi- enced experts in the industry. On the electric side Oscar Jansen and Adriano Inserra put tremendous effort to fulfill my requests regarding driving feeling and philosophy. I would like to add as well Chad Phillips for his great support developing the stock class category in the USA. The nitro side is my historical game and all of my years of nitro racing experience will go into the Performa nitro line that will be produced at a new factory that uses the highest technology resources to continue the successful story of the CRF project. I know Performa will be right at the top from the beginning.

5. So when does it start?

AB: The Performa Racing web site ( and the Performa Racing Facebook page will be on line very soon. There you will be able to find our radical line of motors and racing lipo batteries, as well as the nitro line with some innovative commercial offers. And a 1/8 brushless combo using HMX technology that will take 1/8 brushless to a new level of performance.

6. Adrien, thank you for the information

AB: Thanks for your time and I would like to make a special mention to Philippe Neidhart for believing in this innovative project. Look for many exciting new products from Performa Racing in the near future.
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Performa Racing Brand Launches

Performa Racing Brand Launches

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Updated: February 7, 2019 — 3:28 PM
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