Participate in your local Toys 4 Tots Race!

Participate in your local Toys 4 Tots Race!

If you’re obsessed with RC like me and have been for many years, you already know how many personal rewards and benefits it comes with. So with this in mind, I find myself thinking that if RC can give me so much satisfaction in my life, giving some of these rewards back is the least I can do. Its that time of year where your local track will be putting on a Toys 4 Tots race to help raise money and toys for the the less fortunate individuals who might not have the means to afford Christmas gifts. Many toys will also make their way to kids in foster care. Lets get the word out on when your nearest local track will be holding their Toys 4 Tots race so we can all pitch in and help to raise the largest amount possible. I’ll start and put the word out for my local track. SDRC Raceway in San Diego will be holding their Toys 4 Tots race on Saturday, December 10th. Visit for full information.

The only thank you I’m looking for in return is putting a smile on a kids face who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to enjoy the holidays.

Please feel free to comment/list when your local track will hold their Toys 4 Tots race along with full info on how to participate/donate.

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Updated: November 19, 2011 — 10:34 AM

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  1. Toy 4 tots races years back used to be all about charity. Usually held at city civic center parking lot, fire department will show up in support. Race organizers used to do their part in donation as well in which as long you bring a new toy of certain value, you get to race for FREE! Turn outs were huge and donation overwhelms the city.

    Now a days, race organizers and tracks look at Toy 4 tots (or turkey race, or Memorial race…what ever the holiday occasion might be) as a way to bump up race entry fee, and still ask you to bring a toy. You know what? I just take my donation straight to where it is being collected or needed…and skip the racing for the weekend and be with my family and appreciate the time spent with them.

    P.s. Hi Joel!

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