Packing for Bashing—What to Bring

Packing for Bashing—What to Bring

“Bashing” refers to driving your RC car in places other than the track. While some racers think the only place to have fun is on a well-manicured track, the fact is that most RC cars never see the track and spend their lives on the bashing paths. Although it is commonly called “backyard bashing,” there are a number of great outposts that exist away from home. When planning a bashing trip, it is important to pack appropriately, so the fun isn’t cut short unexpectedly. This is what to bring:

Car Tote Bag:

Sometimes it is a far walk from the car to your destination. To make things easy and free up your hands, carry your car or truck in a bag with a shoulder strap. Sure, some vehicles are too big to practically fit-in a carrying bag, but there is a carrying solution for almost every vehicle on the market.

Extra Batteries/Fuel:

Unless your car breaks unexpectedly, the first thing to stop you dead in your tracks is a spent battery or empty fuel tank. While packing for your trip, don’t forget to bring multiple, charged batteries or plenty of fuel, whichever applies.

Extra Transmitter Pack:

Low transmitter voltage is hazardous and could cause a fatal runaway. Even if you think the transmitter batteries have plenty of juice, it is a good idea to bring extra, because transmitter batteries drain fast when running through multiple tank refills or battery charges.

Additional Receiver Pack:

Nitro receiver packs, especially in cars that use powerful servos, drain quickly. While it is initially important to make sure the receiver pack is fully-charged before heading-out, it is a good idea to bring an extra just in case the charge dies or the pack shorts.

Extra Pinion Gears:

It is always a good idea to bring extra pinion gears when you head out for the day. You may want to gear-up or gear-down for terrain, and you may simply lose a gear while driving. Either way, bringing extra gears can improve the bashing experience.

Nitro T-Wrench:

Every nitro enthusiast has the same best friend: the T-wrench. It is a universal driver for wheel nuts, glow plugs, shock towers and many other places on the chassis. When packing for a day in the sun, don’t forget to bring the Swiss Army Knife of RC.

Allen Cluster:

Although it is recommended to use RC specific hex wrenches, it isn’t practical to bring six individual drivers, because it is a lot to carry, and they are easily lost on the bashing paths. As an alternative, bring one of those all-in-one Allen clusters that you find in the hardware store. It is small, has everything you need, and is inexpensive.

Extra Body Clips:

As complicated as RC cars are, losing a simple body clip can cut your day short. It is easy to lose body clips in the field, whether one pops-off in a collision, or you lose it when changing the battery or adding fuel. With that in mind, bring an extra handful of body clips to your bashing destination.

Can of Compressed Air:

The world of bashing is full of dirt, dust and debris. And unlike racing at the track, most bashing locals don’t have a large air compressor that you can use to blast off your ride. As a solution, pack a portable can of compressed air. It will help you to keep-up on cleaning between runs.

Temp Gun:

Since RC bashing is extreme, and you typically run back-to-back tanks or batteries, it is important monitor temperatures on the chassis. For nitro, use the temp gun to monitor the cooling head temperature, and conversely check the ESC and motor temperatures in electric applications. If things are running too hot, let your vehicle take a breather.

Glow Plugs:

Always bring extra glow plugs when packing for the field. There is nothing worse than an engine that won’t start or stay running, and bringing extra plugs may save the day and bring you hours of driving pleasure.

Extra Parts:

Every car or truck has weak points, and by now, you are probably familiar with them. Bring extra chassis parts like suspension arms, body posts, hub carriers, shock towers, and whatever else you find yourself frequently replacing.

Something to Drink (for you):

When making your RC to-go checklist, don’t forget to think about yourself! Summer bashing gets hot, and all of the excitement will leave you thirsty. Stop at the gas station on your way out of town, and bring some back-up fluids to drink.


Since you never know when a good RC photo-op with present itself, don’t forget to bring your camera. Bashing presents some awesome scenery and action situations, and you may kick yourself for forgetting the camera.

Bashing trips can be cut short in a hurry if you don’t pack appropriately. In fact, it seems as though Murphy’s Law specifically applies to bashing—especial when you are far away from your home, in a remote location. Whatever can go wrong inevitably will, but if you plan and pack the right extras, your day at the skate park, forest, beach or construction site can last for hours.

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Updated: June 3, 2011 — 3:51 PM
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